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The mission of the Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department is twofold: to strengthen the liberal arts undergraduate curriculum at Goucher College by providing language programs of broad scope and high quality; to engage students in the study of compelling transnational issues through the study of the cultural texts produced by other countries. Language courses are offered at all levels, including special applications to particular academic and vocational fields. Literature courses continue to develop language skills while introducing students to major western writers. Culture and civilization courses explore social, political, and intellectual and cultural developments in countries in which the language is spoken. Our faculty is international and interdisciplinary in its research and teaching, offering courses in areas as diverse as film, literature, culture, anthropology, theater, holocaust studies, folklore, socio-linguistics, ecology.

Department Chair
Uta Larkey | 410-337-6222 |


JoAnna Ramsey
JoAnna Ramsey
"The research I was able to do at Goucher and the courses that I took served as the groundwork from which I was able to continue learning from the hands-on experience at my internship."