Computer Science Major

The Computer Science Major

This major prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, as well as for graduate work in computer science. Courses required for a major in computer science are as follows:

  • CS 116. Introduction to Computer Science
  • CS 119. Foundations of Computer Science
  • CS 205. Software Development
  • CS 220. Computer Architecture
  • CS 224. Principles of Programming Languages
  • CS 230. Analysis of Computer Algorithms
  • CS 250. Theory of Computation

One of the following:

MA 145. Applied Matrix Algebra

  • MA 145 Applied Matrix Algebra OR
  • MA 170. Calculus I OR
  • MA 171. Calculus I - Environmental

Three of the following with at least three at the 300 level:

  • CS 311. Operating Systems
  • CS 317. Database and Transaction Systems
  • CS 320 Computer Graphics
  • CS 340. Principles of Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 395 Senior Project

NOTE: A typical computer science major will complete:

  • CS 116 and 119 in the first year
  • CS 205 and mathematic course by the end of the sophomore year
  • CS 220, 224, 230 and 250 by the end of junior year

Students who do not adhere to this schedule may have to take summer courses

Honors in the Major

Majors in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are encouraged to strive for honors in the major at graduation. Departmental honors will be awarded to students who exhibit mastery of the subject in both course work and additional academic endeavors.


  • A minimum grade point average of 3.6 in 200- and 300-level courses in the major. All courses (other than MA 290 and CS 290) specifically required for the major must be taken for a grade. No more than two approved courses away from Goucher will be counted in the average.
  • Some evidence of maturity and creativity in mathematics and/or computer science, such as outstanding work on a senior thesis, independent work, paper or final examination in a 300-level course.
  • Department approval.