Justin Brody

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Julia Rogers 129


Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2009

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Model theory, artificial intelligence

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Brody, Justin, and M. C. Laskowski. "On rational limits of Shelah-Spencer graphs." Journal of Symbolic Logic 77.2 (2012): 580-592.

Brody, Justin. "Higher Order Uncertainty and Evidential Ontologies." Ontology for Intelligence Community (2009).


Justin Brody has been guided by twin passions in his academic life: the beauty of mathematics and the mysteries of the human mind. As an undergraduate mathematics and computer science student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County he was drawn to the field of artificial intelligence which attempts to model mental phenomena mathematically. Afterward he spent some time as a Buddhist monk at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia where he studied the mind philosophically and phenomenologically.  Afterward, he earned his doctorate in mathematics at the University of Maryland where he studied model theory (the interaction between mathematical statements and the structures they describe). While there, he continued to pursue his interest in the mind through courses in philosophy and cognitive science and also touched upon the field of mathematical education, where human cognition and mathematics are jointly examined from a different angle. He comes to Goucher after a three-year appointment at Franklin and Marshall College and a summer program at Nanjing University in China.  While here, teaching both mathematics and computer science, he plans on continuing his model theory research, as well as returning to the computational explorations of cognition which has always fascinated him.

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