Mathematics and computer science will both play a critical role in the jobs of the future.

Mathematics is the foundation of the physical sciences and a tool of virtually all disciplines.  In addition to developing a mastery of the subject, you will strengthen your analytical skills.  You will spend a semester working one-on-one with a faculty member on a topic of mutual interest. You'll have the opportunity to participate on a math team that competes both regionally and internationally. You'll be able to take coursework centered on practical application, such as the environment or medical science. Most importantly, you'll be ready for a great career or further training. During the last several years, mathematics alums have gone on to graduate work at Harvard, Brandeis, Boston, Georgetown, Clemson, Colorado, and more. 

The computer is now at the center of how we live our lives. In addition to regular coursework, independent or small group projects with faculty members give the freedom to explore a number of complex topics, such as computer security, networking, and more. Our students regularly build things like programs that can learn how to play a video game, robots that can play music, and networked vending machines. The future will include a drone-just one more step in our plans for campus-wide domination. You will also be able to design and create a computer from scratch, from the hardware logic to coding a game in a programming language you created. By graduation, you'll be prepared for excellent professional opportunities and premier graduate programs. Recent alums have gone on to work at places like HP, Microsoft, and Redhat.

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Julia Nguyen
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