Mathematics is the foundation of the physical sciences and a tool of virtually all disciplines. And as computing becomes increasingly significant in our daily lives, the study of computer science becomes ever more essential. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department develops in students not only a solid foundation in analytic thinking, but also an appreciation of the nature of the disciplines themselves. Courses give students proficiency in the subjects, as well as foster a spirit of creativity, enterprise, and ethical responsibility. Majors in the department may prepare for graduate work in mathematics or computer science or for careers in secondary school mathematics education, business, industry, government, law, medicine, or engineering.

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The latest from the The Matrix blog

    New robot explores the robotics lab
    Students Phil Seidel, Alex Doccolo, and Sam Levin have our new robot, Pip, with its laser rangefinder, wandering around the robotics lab now.

    Over the weekend of September 5-7 a three member team including Goucher Student Philip Seidel tied for third place among twenty seven teams at HopHacks. HopHacks is a student run […]

    Lewand Prize winner
    The winning entry for Lewand Beauty in Mathematics award is a computer music piece “Triangle Numbers”, by Aron Riesenfeld.  

Here is Goucher


Julia Nguyen
Julia Nguyen
"I want to get an idea of how everything is. I don't want to be close-minded or ignorant about other topics and subjects ... I want to know what's going on in the world ..."