PLS 100. Law and Society (3 Cr.) 
An introductory, interdisciplinary examination of law as a social institution. Focus is on the origin, history, and philosophy of legal systems from an international perspective, as well as the relationship in the United States between common law and statutory law, federal and state law, the courts and legislative bodies, and the courts and the executive branch of government. Exploration of the legal profession, its history, practice, goals, and place in American society. Prerequisites: SOC 106 or ANT 107. Spring semester.

PLS 290. Prelaw Internship (3-4 Cr.) 
Internships with the court system, governmental agencies, and law enforcement agencies may be pursued during the academic year, January, and/or the summer. All internships require the approval of and are supervised by the program director. Graded pass/no pass only. Prerequisites: sophomore standing and permission of the director.

PLS 299. Independent Work (1.5-4 Cr.) 

PLS 350. Legal Writing and Analysis: Selected Topics in Constitutional Law (3 Cr.) 
A seminar providing extensive reading and analysis of constitutional issues governing a wide range of legal matters. Topics covered may include: freedom of speech and religion, due process and equal protection, racial discrimination, separation of powers, the death penalty, and criminal law. Emphasis is placed on the development of analytical and writing skills. Prerequisites: PLS 100 or permission of the instructor, BUS 206, and PHL 176. Spring semester. Offered 2015-16 and alternate years.