IDS 201. Study Abroad Immersion Course (1 Cr.) 
The Study Abroad Immersion Course is a one-credit opportunity to help students have a more intentional, immersive and integrative experience while studying abroad. The course is part of the Study Abroad Learning Education Requirement (LER-SA). Office of International Studies permission required.

IDS 290. Internship (3-4 Cr.) 
Service-learning internship in Baltimore City is section .001.

IDS 299. Independent Work in Interdisciplinary Studies (3-4 Cr.) 

IDS 300. Making Connections: A Service-Learning Liberal Arts Capstone (4 Cr.) 
nity. Students will work cooperatively as a team and explore the contributions of different liberal arts academic disciplines to address social and civic issues. Process and results will be presented both on and off campus. Large fieldwork component to be carried out as part of Goucher’s partnership with the HARBEL Community Organization in northeast Baltimore City. Prerequisites: senior standing and permission of the instructor. Spring semester.Instructor to be appointed.

IDS 399. Advanced Independent Work (3-4 Cr.)