The Latin American Studies minor (LAM) is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the diverse regions of the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America through the history, politics, languages and cultures of its people. Students examine different aspects of Latin American society based on their own major interests. In addition to the language requirement, the minor in Latin American Studies requires a minimum of 18 credits of course work at the 200-level or above, with at least one course at the 300-level. For more information contact Dr. Isabel Moreno-López, director of LAM minor.

Students with a minor in Latin American (LAM) studies must accumulate a minimum of 18 credits at the 200 and 300 levels, with at least one course at the 300 level. There is a mandatory language requirement to complete up to SP 235. Students with Portuguese or French background, please contact the LAM director, Dr. Isabel Moreno-Lopez.

To complete the LAM minor, students must take:

  • LAM 105 - Introduction to Latin American Studies (3 Cr.)
  • LAM 125/HIS 125 - Latin American History: From Pre-Columbian to Independence (3 Cr.)


  • HIS 295/LAM 295 Latin American History: National Period (4 Cr.)

FOUR elective courses from the list, with at least ONE at the 300 level:

  • ART 288: Special Topics in Non-western Art: Mesoamerican Art (3 Cr.)
  • LAM 272/BUS 272Y - Emerging Markets in Cuba (3 Cr.)
  • LAM 280 - Selected Topics in Latin American Studies (3 Cr.)
  • LAM 308/HIS 308 Seminar in Latino/a History (3 Cr.)
  • LAM 310 - Seminar in Latin American Studies (3 Cr.)
  • PSC 216 - Development and Social Change in Costa Rica (4 Cr.)
  • PSC 249: Special Topics in Latin American Politics (3 Cr.)
  • RLG 274 - Liberation Theology (3 Cr.)
  • SP 240 - The Critical Pedagogue: Teaching Spanish as a Cross-Cultural Transformative Process (3 Cr.)
  • SP 260 - Spanish in the Media (4 Cr.)
  • SP 263 - Spanish in the Workplace: Language and Culture (4 Cr.)
  • SP 265 - The Intrepid Dialectologist: Learning Spanish Through Dialects and Service Learning (3 Cr.)
  • SP 294 - Survey of Latin-American Literatures and Cultures: Vision de los Vencidos, an Alternative Perspective (3 Cr.)
  • SP 296 - Latin American Studies: Linkage through Language (1 Cr.)
  • SP 318 - "Trans-Nationally Queer": Finding a Voice Through Art in the Gay Spanish Speaking World (3 Cr.)
  • SP 328 - Crime and Punishment in Latin American Cinema (3 Cr.)
  • SP 345 - Special Topics in Latin American Literature (3 Cr.)
  • SP 360 - Special Topics in Spanish Translation (3 Cr.)
  • WS 217 - Latin American Women Voices: Argentina and Uruguay (3 Cr.)
  • WS 224 - Is There Life Beyond the Looking Glass? Gender, Identity, and Race in Caribbean Culture (3 Cr.)
  • WS 226/LAM 226 - Women, Peace, and Protest: Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice (3 Cr.)
  • WS 229 - Contemporary Brazilian Voices (3 Cr.)

Only one course taken through an approved study-abroad program may be applied toward the minor. Permission of the Latin American studies director (Dr. Isabel Moreno-López) is required.