The Language House, and the Futuro Latino Learning Center

Outside the classroom, opportunities to practice Spanish and attend international cultural events are provided through the Language House program, and the Futuro Latino Learning Center.

The Language House is staffed by native speakers, and aims at promoting the daily practice of foreign languages outside the classroom by organizing a variety of events throughout the semester, such as plays, a weekly language table, teas, colloquia, film series, and guest speakers. To further enrich students' awareness of the Spanish-speaking cultures, the Language House and the Department sponsor an annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. These events often take place throughout the campus. For information about the Language House, contact María Teresa Gomis-Quinto, coordinator of the Spanish programs in the Language House.

Since its inception in the Fall of 2009, the Futuro Latino Learning Center (FLLC) has provided unique educational opportunities on campus to Goucher students and to the Latino community of Baltimore County. The center offers computing classes in Spanish and English as a Second Language classes for adults, a cultural enrichment program in Spanish for kids, and other programs. The FLLC provides a distinct learning experience to Goucher students, who teach the classes for adults and run the programs for kids. For more information on how to get involved, contact Frances Ramos-Fontán, director of the Futuro Latino Learning Center.

Student Work Opportunities

To find on-campus employment especially suitable for Spanish students, please visit the Career Development Office.