Ellen Bast ´14 (Spanish/Econ/Dance Triple Major) works at "Regional Economic Studies Institute of Towson University" at Towson University and still dances at Chorégraphie Antique at Goucher College.

Ellen Bast

Alissa Murray ´14 (Double Major Spanish and Physics). She spent the summer 2014 in South Africa. She rented a car and drove to Soweto (a city close to Johannesburg). After she went to Cape Town. Back at the U.S., she spent the rest of the summer in New York and found a job at Potomac-Hudson Engineering (PHE) at Gaithersburg. She lives in Baltimore and is enjoying her job and life.

Alissa Murray

Adriana Lanzarotta graduated in May 2014 with a major in Spanish. She moved to Argentina with her boyfriend at the beginning of September 2014. During the next 4 months, she will be studying for the entrance exam to Medical School. She plans to take the exam in two different universities because, since it is a very demanding exam, she will increase her chances of getting into an Argentinian university.

Adriana Lanzarotta

Nora Simmons graduated in '13 with a major in Spanish. She has just finished her first year teaching English in South Korea. She is studying Korean and is trying to keep up with her Spanish by joining a Spanish Club. You can see her with her students in this photo. Nora with students

Robyn Moore (at Goucher, Robyn Edwards) ´13 (Spanish/Math Double Major and Physics Minor) got married and lives in California working as a nanny. She is applying for Graduate Programs at UCLA and APU (Azusa Pacific University) to become a math teacher. 

Robyn Edwards

Lindsay Crouch ('12): I am excited for what is happening in my life! In August 2014, I completed a year in Nevada where I worked in a conservation program with AmeriCorps. It was a fun year and one of the best experiences of my life. Now, I am in Germany visiting my sister who lives here and after I will spend 6 months traveling through Europe! It's something I've wanted to do since I graduated from Goucher. When I return from Europe, I want to work as a member of a fire crew in any state in the Western United States, or some similar work.

 Lindsay Crouch

After graduation, Sarah Avery ('12) started working for Training Express in Madrid, Spain. As she explains:

Doy clase en algunas empresas en Madrid cada semana sobre cultura de los Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido, enfocándonos en el inglés de negocios más que en el inglés general, aunque hacemos un poco de todo. Aparte de enseñar clases tengo reuniones con mi mentor y coordinadora. Mi contrato ofrece cursos sobre temas relacionados con nuestro trabajo e incluye clases de español. Durante el año tenemos excursiones culturales. Me encanta la arquitectura y para mí el edificio de Correos es uno de los mejores.

Lila Scott ´12 (Spanish/Sociology Double Major, Social Justice Conc) is working for Globar Arena and volunteers at La Puerta Abierta an NGO that offers mental health services to undocumented Hispanic immigrants. Twice a week she teaches English to Guatemalan teenagers. She is applying for Graduate School in International Social Work to start in 2015.

Lila Scott

Cassandra Ramos (Cassie) graduated in '12, Spanish major; Latin American Studies Minor. She won the Poetry Contest for CC-CS Students in Córdoba, Argentina, while studying her semester abroad program in Spring 2011. For more information on Goucher's semester long study abroad program in Argentina for Spanish Majors, visit their Facebook page.

Johanna Modak graduated in '11, Spanish major; Political Science Minor. She is teaching for Baltimore City Teaching Residency.

Katrina Ramirez-Meyers graduated in '11, Spanish major; Mathematics major. She has joined the Peace Corps and will be living in Sierra Leona.

Scott Davis  graduated in '10, Spanish major. He He went back to Argentina and got married to an Argentinian in September 2013. He is working in the Argentinian political arena with a group called "Mujeres por la Paz, Hombres por la Dignidad". He is also working in a travel agency creating trips for foreigners.

ShainaShaina Longway graduated in '10, Spanish major and Psychology major. She is working as a research assistant for the Center for Mental health Services in Pediatric Primary care at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She found her job through a connection at Esperanza Center where she volunteered and was hired because of her Spanish language capabilities. Her responsibilities include recruiting participants for studies, working with data, and managing organizational tasks for the Center. Whenever a study involves the Latino population, she translates forms and works with the Spanish-speaking participants. She hopes to begin graduate school in order to become a high school Spanish teacher.




Hanna Olshansky ('10), Spanish major and Sociology major. She is working for Trusted Translations in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works with clients from the US and Europe, organizing linguistic teams, and making high-volume translations.

Justin McDonnell is a Spanish major and Communications major graduate ('09). After graduation he moved to China were he created the following video (in Spanish) with his friends. In the video segment, Justin is the foreigner that says "I was going crazy": v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjczNzIyMjcy.html

As described by himself:
La película es sobre la vida de mis amigos aquí en China. Por no decir más, la vida en China es muy diferente y hay días que no entendemos nada.  El comercial es sobre un curso "haobuhao." La frase es una frase china que significa good/not good.  Si tú tomas este curso, tu vida va a mejorar.  Por ejemplo, cuando vine a china, tenía muchos problemas porque no podía hablar la lengua ni entendía la cultura. No podía encontrar amigos  ni podía comer en el restaurante. Poco después con haobuhao, mi vida cambió, y ahora puedo comer en un restaurante, puedo hablar con la gente, puedo cruzar la calle, puedo... Es un comercial que se burla de este tipo de comerciales. Tome este curso y vivirá para siempre. Tome este curso y tendrá músculos muy grandes. Es como un sueño, ¿no? Además, hacemos una peli de este comercial que puede ayudar a la gente con las cosas muy básicas en China.  Alguien puede decir que la peli es una introducción y aún un manual. Por ejemplo: Cómo pedir comida, cómo cruzar la calle, cómo tomar un bus, cómo decir hola, gracias, ¿cómo estás?, y más cosas así de una manera muy graciosa y divertida.

Justin McDonnell

Jen Hickman ´09 (Studio Art/Spanish Double Major) & Janelle Peters ´09 (Peace Studies Major, Bio Sciences Minor): Janelle is working for a nonprofit called Seneca Family of Agencies, in a program called All-In that provides special education, social-emotional, therapeutic and behavioral services to kids in school settings. She teaches Special Ed 1:1 and small groups, and also does a lot of the administrative work. The school is a bilingual immersion charter, so a lot of the families are monolingual Spanish, and she uses her Spanish every single day, sometimes even leading IEP meetings in Spanish (at Goucher, Janelle took 15 credits of Spanish). Janelle is currently studying MSW (Social work) at University of Southern California. For fun, she is learning and teaching circus arts (aerial and contortion). Jen and Janelle became a couple their senior year at Goucher and are still together. Jen is living her dream as a professional comic book artist. She got her masters in Sequential Art (comic books and story boarding) from SCAD in 2012, and she is getting her name out there and becoming known in the art world.


After finishing his studies at Goucher, Wilmer Gutiérrez ('09)started working as a Llegislative aide for the Office of Councilmember Nancy Navarro in Montgomery County, MD. He did his semester abroad in the Palermo, Argentina, program

Tanya Cooley ('09), Spanish major and Psychology major. She has been working as a human resource administrator for Management Systems. She speaks Spanish almost daily with coworkers and does translations for work. She is planning to attend Graduate School at George Washington University.  

MeghanAfter graduation, with funding from Goucher College, Meghan Meros ('08, Spanish major and English writing major) walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Following her time abroad, Meghan returned to Baltimore to teach Spanish at Mercy High School. Currently, Meghan teaches Spanish II, III, and IV, and serves as co-moderator for Mercy's Model Organization of American States Club. Next year, she hopes to pursue graduate studies in Spanish or Creative Writing. Having already been accepted to Georgetown's M.A. in Spanish Literature and Culture, Meghan is anxiously awaiting acceptance letters from other schools and looks forward to deciding where she will study next.





Anna Lapera ('08) is living in the Peruvian Amazon. She is working with a group of 20 young girls living in a cloistered convent. She is collecting their narrative on girlhood and coming of age away from their families and hometowns. The activities she uses in her curriculum come from one of the classes she took with Professor Isabel Moreno-Lopez. The narratives will be collected through poetry activities that deal with themes of girlhood, travel, secrets and identity.  The blog can be found at

Christina Bradley ('08) is living and working in the Dominican Republic. She works in a small rural community focusing on environmental issues. In her own words:

Yo vivo en una comunidad pequeña y rural en la República Dominicana, y trabajo generalmente en temas de medio ambiente. Actualmente estoy trabajando con una asociación de madres de la comunidad. Estamos solicitando fondos del Departamento del Estado para construir fogones mejorados. Son fogones hechos con hornillas cerámicas y que tienen una chimenea donde sale el humo. La mayoría de las mujeres por aquí cocinan con leña o con carbón, en fuego abierto, y eso le puede traer muchos problemas de salud. Ademas, es una manera muy ineficiente para cocinar. Estos fogones sacan el humo de la cocina, y las mujeres pueden cocinar en el mismo tiempo con un tercio menos leña. También, esperamos construir 17 letrinas en el año que viene.