Center for Geographies of Justice and Cultures

Director: Isabel Moreno-López
Assistant Director: Ann Duncan

Major and Minor program contacts:

Africana Studies minor: Mel Lewis
Latin American Studies minor: Jeanie Murphy
Judaic Studies minor: Martin Shuster
Peace Studies major and minor: Ailish Hopper
Religion major and minor: Ann Duncan
Spanish major and minor: Jeanie Murphy
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies major and minor: Mel Lewis

Full-Time Faculty

Yousuf Al-Bulushi, Assistant Professor, Peace Studies

Jen Bess

Emily Billo, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Florencia Cortés-Conde, Associate Professor & Chair, Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: Language, identity and nation; literature and bilingual identity; gender and identity; Spanish in the media; and Spanish in the United States.

James Dator, Assistant Professor of History: Early-Modern Caribbean, Comparative Slavery & Slave Resistance, African Diaspora

Seble Dawit, Assistant Professor, Director, Peace Studies Department: Human rights and humanitarian law, gender and rights, non-profit organizations, futuring

Kelly Douglas, Professor of Religion: Womanist Theology, Sexuality and Black Church

Ann Duncan, Associate Professor of Religion: American Religious History, Religion and Social Reform, Motherhood and American Christianity, Religion and Politics, New Religious Movements

Irine François, Associate Professor - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Maite Gomis-Quinto

Ailish Hopper, Assistant Professor, Peace Studies: Poetry writing and poetics, new narrative practices. Critical race theory, cultural rewriting. Liberation and critical pedagogy, futures and nonviolences.

Mel Lewis, Assistant Professor - Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Intersectional Approaches to Feminist Theory – Black Feminist Thought, Queer Feminisms, and Transfeminist Perspectives Queer Theory Black – Queer Studies, LGBTQIA Advocacy, Activism, and Public Policy, Feminist and Critical Pedagogies – Teaching as Performative Text and Embodied Pedagogical Practice

Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian

Citlali Miranda-Aldaco, Assistant Professor, Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: Foreign Language Teaching/learning and Technology, Intercultural Communication, Latinos/as and Latino/a Representation in the United States, Diversity Teacher Training, Professional Development, Assessment.

Isabel Moreno-López, Professor and Chair, Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: Studies on Language, Literacy and Culture, Intercultural Communications, Critical Pedagogy, Spanish and Latin-American Literature, Queer Studies, Interdisciplinary and Study-Abroad Programs

Jeanie Murphy, Associate Professor, Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: Latin American literature and theater; Latin American cultural studies; Latin American history; gender studies.

Rick Pringle, Professor of Psychology: Community Arts, Literature, Writing, Listening to and Telling Stories in Community, Agitating for Care and Social Justice, Growth Fostering Pedagogies and Communities; Feminist and Anti-Racist Psychology and Education, and The Psychology of Narrative and Meaning

Frances Ramos-Fontán, Instructor Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: Community-based learning, Latin American and Latino Studies, and foreign language acquisition.

Aida Ramos-Sellman, Assistant Professor, Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Martin Shuster, Director and Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies: Jewish thought and philosophy, 18-20th century European philosophy (esp. Kant, Hegel, and German Idealism), critical theory (esp. Adorno, the Frankfurt school, and theories of race and gender), value theory (ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy), philosophy of religion, and ordinary language philosophy (esp. Stanley Cavell).

Michelle Tokarczyk, Professor, English: Working-Class Studies, Contemporary American Literature, Women’s Studies, Composition

Viki Zavales Eggert, Assistant Professor, Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Part-Time Faculty

Marianne Githens

Affiliate Faculty

Emma Amador, Nyasha Grayman-Simpson, Uta Larkey, Angelo Robinson