Students walking through the academic quad

Students interested in acquiring proficiency in modern Hebrew can enroll in language courses aimed at enabling students to gain proficiency in aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Courses also help students develop an understanding of the how culture is expressed through the Hebrew language.

Goucher students have advanced their Hebrew skills abroad in several academic institutions, including the University of Tel Aviv, the University of Haifa, and Ben Gurion University in Be`er Sheeva, and have taken part in internships in Jewish organizations and teaching Hebrew in schools run by synogogues. On campus, students can practice their skills at the Israeli Hebrew” Nash” Café, and take advantage of viewings of Hebrew television programs and films, and draw on their knowledge of Hebrew to deepen their understanding of coursework in Judaic Studies

Center for Geographies of Justice

Majors: Peace Studies, Religion, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Minors: Africana Studies, Judaic Studies, Peace Studies, Religion, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Center Co-Directors: Ann Duncan and Ailish Hopper