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Birthe Veno Kjellerup

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Hoffberger Science Building G40


Ph.D. (Environmental Microbiology), Aalborg University, Denmark

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Biofilms in Humans, the Environment, or Industrial Settings

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Kjellerup B.V, Kjeldsen K, Lopes, F, Abildgaard, L. Ingvorsen K, Frølund B, Sowers, K. Nielsen P.H., “Biocorrosion and biofilm formation in a nutrient limited heating system subjected to alternating microaerophilic conditions,” 25(8), 727-737,  Biofouling, 2009.

Kjellerup B.V, Olesen B.H, Nielsen J.L, Sowers, K. R, Nielsen P.H., “Spatial distribution of bacteria involved in cathodic depolarization and stainless steel surface corrosion,” Journal of Applied Microbiology, 105(6), 2231-2238, 2008.

May H.D, Miller G.S, Kjellerup B.V, Sowers K.R., “Dehalorespiration with polychlorinated biphenyls by an anaerobic ultramicrobacterium,” Applied Environmental Microbiology, 74:7, 2089-2094, 2008.

Kjellerup B.V, Xueli S, Ghosh U, May H, Sowers, K., “Site specific microbial communities in three PCB-impacted sediments are associated with different in situ dechlorinating activities,” Environmental  Microbiology, 10(5), 1296-1309, 2008.

Kjeldsen, K, Kjellerup B.V, Frølund B, Lorenzen J, Nielsen J.L, Nielsen P.H, Ingvorsen K., “Characterisation of bacterial communities in biofilms grown on metal surfaces in an alkaline district heating system,” FEMS Microbiology Ecology,  61(2), 384–397, 2007.

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