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Goucher's Environmental Studies program is designed to encourage thinking across disciplinary boundaries in order to prepare students for meaningful engagement with the central environmental questions and challenges facing current and future generations. The Environmental Studies program offers students the opportunity to major or minor in a curriculum that bridges the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. 

Program contact
Germán Mora | 410-337-6308 |

Center for Natural Sciences 

Majors: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Studies: Environmental Science Concentration 

Minors: Public Health, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Studies 

Programs: 3 + 2 Engineering Program, Pre-Health (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Physical therapy, Pre-Vet, other allied health) 

Center Director: Mark Hiller,


Patrice D’Orazio
Patrice D’Orazio
“I like the creativity of working in the field, of working with people, looking into how environmental factors affect communities.”