Internship Program

Internships are a very important facet of the curriculum at Goucher College. As such, the English faculty members consider well-structured internships to be essential to a student's education. Students studying English often do internships that involve the application of knowledge and skills in composition, language, and literature, typically in editing, publishing, journalism, radio and television, advertising, and public relations. These students often work for businesses, professional firms, and government agencies. Credit for off-campus experience is available in some cases to students working for the college newspaper.

The variety of internships that have been completed under the supervision of this department is evidence of the flexible and creative applicability of degrees in English. Students find internship opportunities through the Career Development Office, through faculty and staff members, or on their own.

A detailed description of the off-campus experience is published by the Career Development Office each year and fully describes the guidelines and timetable for internships. Students interested in arranging an internship in English should contact their individual academic advisers.


Preface is a student-run and reviewed literature and art magazine. Its past includes beautiful and expressive works, name changes, and, at one point, nearly ending completely. With the work of a few dedicated individuals over the decades, Preface has survived as a medium of student expression for Goucher College.

Preface's current form is largely due to the Co-Editor in Chief Shaina Longway. Without her dedication and vision, Preface would never have made it to the press and into student hands.

Student Work Opportunities

To find on-campus employment especially suitable for English Department students, please visit the Career Development Office.