Antje M. Rauwerda, Postcolonial literature and studies, British literature


Madison Smartt Bell, Fiction
Elizabeth Spires, Poetry
Michelle Tokarczyk, Expository writing, poetry, creative nonfiction

Associate Professors

Penelope S. Cordish, Modern and contemporary English and American literature, women's studies
Mary Marchand, American literature, American studies
Jeffrey Myers, Shakespeare, Renaissance English literature
Angelo Robinson, African American literature, American Literature, American studies, gender and sexuality
Arnold Sanders, Medieval English literature, expository writing
Juliette Wells, Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature; the novel; women's writing; Jane Austen
Fred H. White, 18th- and 19th-century English literature, critical theory, film studies (emeritus)

Assistant Professors

Jennifer Bess, Expository writing
Johnny Turtle, Creative writing and humanities
Kathy Flann, Creative writing and humanities
Carol L. Pippen, Expository writing
Barbara Roswell, Expository writing, peace studies, women's studies
Bill U'Ren, Creative writing and humanities

Visiting Assistant Professor

Jessica Anya Blau, Creative writing


Elizabeth Leik, English
Jonathan Colson, Expository Writing
Mindy Jaffee, Expository writing
Bernadette Parrish, Expository writing
Linell Smith, Journalism
Charlee Sterling, Expository writing
Mary Jo Wiese, Expository writing

Writing Fellows

Mina Brunyate, Expository writing
Susan Garrett, Expository writing, linguistics
Laura Orem, Expository writing
Kate Luse, Expository writing
Phaye Poliakoff-Chen, Expository writing