The Department of Education offers a major and certification in elementary education (grades 1-6 ), certification in secondary education for majors in certain other departments (grades 7-12, with the exception of art and music, which are K-12 certification areas), and a major and certification in special education (grades 1-8). All programs incorporate an extended internship experience lasting several semesters.

The Elementary Education Program, Special Education Program, and the Secondary Education Program have been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. A student who satisfactorily fulfills the standards of the programs, meets the Maryland State Department of Education's Essential Dimensions of Teaching, and passes the Praxis I and II tests appropriate to the area of certification is recommended for certification in Maryland. Students eligible for Maryland certification can then receive equivalent or temporary certification in more than 40 states through reciprocity. Although graduation usually occurs within eight semesters, satisfactory completion of certification requirements may require one or more additional semesters. It is important that all students who plan to teach in secondary schools consult the chair of their intended major department, as well as the chair of the Education Department, no later than the spring semester of their sophomore year. Students planning to teach in elementary school should consult the chair of the Education Department.

Students who wish to be certified to teach outside of Maryland should obtain information about the requirements specified by the Department of Education in the desired state. Maryland law prohibits anyone who has been convicted of a crime of violence or a crime against children from being certified to teach. Students enrolled in education courses may be required to be fingerprinted for fieldwork internship placements.