The dance minor is geared toward the entering first-year student with dance technical skills at the intermediate level. It is structured for students who wish to major in another discipline while studying dance, integrating knowledge gained from the two disciplines and graduating with a degree that reflects the course of study completed in the dance minor. The following courses are required:

  • Modern Technique III (DAN 316)
  • Ballet Technique III (DAN 320)
  • Composition: Dance Exploration (DAN 260)
  • Intermediate Dance Composition I and II (DAN 261 and DAN 262, taken in succession)
  • Labanotation (DAN 298)
  • Seminar in Dance Criticism, Theory, and Philosophy (DAN 390)
  • Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dancers (DAN 393)
  • One course in dance history
  • Six credits of technique (modern, ballet, pointe, jazz, musical theatre)