Michelle Herrman

Director of the Pilates Center and Certified Instructor

Lilian Welsh Hall 105


Michelle Herrmann has three major loves: Pilates, Dance and the French language. Throughout her college career, she was lucky enough to study all three. She began her college career at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY. After two years, she returned home to Towson, MD to attend Goucher College. She has enjoyed dancing in the works of Gloria McLean, Lance Westergard, Larry Keigwin, Juliet Forrest, and Tiffany Mills. It was her love of dance that lead her to the Pilates Method, and it was at Goucher where she was first introduced to the Romana's Pilates technique. After graduating from Goucher in 2007, she decided to move to Aix-en-Provence, France and begin her Pilates training while fine-tuning her French skills. While in France she worked directly with Sonia Hererria, but also with Philippe Taupin in Paris. In October of 2008 she finished up her training at the Romana's headquarters in NYC. After 700 hours of training, Michelle received her Level 5 IITP Pilates Teacher Certification from Romana's Pilates in January 2009. She believes that her training is unique and rich because of the wide spectrum of instructors and trainers she has worked with; each teacher provides a special insight into the technique and that is what she focuses on as a teacher. Michelle is currently teaching back at home, Goucher College, with a great team of instructors.