We offer a close-knit artistic and intellectual community of dance students and outstanding faculty from all walks of dance life. We also bring in several guest artists every year-including dancers and choreographers from such companies as the American Ballet Theater, the Erick Hawkins Dance Company, the New York City Ballet, and the José Limón Company, and postmodern artists such as Doug Varone, Sara Pearson, and Patrik Widrig-to charge the atmosphere of the dance department with the energy and fresh ideas of the broader dance world.


Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn, founding director of The Pilates Center at Goucher College, Pilates, ballet technique, dance composition, modern dance technique, pointe
Chrystelle Trump Bond, professor emerita, founder of Dance Department, Chorégraphie Antique (the dance history ensemble)
Amanda Thom Woodson, modern dance technique, Labanotation, Scotland ICA

Assistant Professor

Iyun Harrison, ballet technique, dance composition
Iquail Shaheed, modern dance technique, dance composition
Rick Southerland, modern dance technique, dance composition, dance education, dance history, West Africa ICA, South Africa ICA


Tim Fox, ballet technique, partnering, repertory
Linda Garofalo, ballet technique, modern dance technique, and outreach seminar
Katie Morris, ballet technique, pointe
Elizabeth Terschuur, jazz technique
Paul Wegner
, ballet technique


Jerome Herskovitz, music for dance
Todd Mion, dance production and lighting
Michelle Herrman, Pilates
Lew Schon M.D., orthopaedic and dance science consultant
Sara Workeneh, dance therapy
Other lecturers to be appointed