by Hillary Blunt '14  

In January 2012, Goucher alum Arlynn Zachary '11 founded THE MARK, a modern-contemporary dance company. The company currently resides in Charlotte, NC.  As of now, a fairly small dance scene exists within the "Queen City," but it has started ascend into the social lives of Charlotte's art viewers. THE MARK, as well as other area choreographers and dance companies, hopes to see Charlotte become a blooming metropolis for dance perfortwo dancersmers.  

THE MARK has begun to build working partnerships with non-dance artists - such as painters and musicians - in the area. As artistic director of the company, Zachary wants to construct relationships with many art forms in order to broaden the influence of dance within the Charlotte arts scene.  

THE MARK also seeks to inspire local non-professional dancers to get involved with promoting and being a part of the dance community. Zachary says, "If we want Charlotte to grow and thrive as a dance community, we need to be able to inspire our younger dancers to stay and help it grow."  

Outside of building the dance community, THE MARK's ambition is to present Charlotte with quality concert dance works that stimulate the tone dancer and chairastes and provide a piquing interest into the artistic capabilities of performing artists. The company's goal is to create choreographic works that not only display aesthetically pleasing qualities and choreography to the audience, but also to create works that are inherently saturated with foundational technique. The company has started to make a name for itself in Charlotte as having intricate and precise choreography that stands out from other companies because of constant use of abstracted movement that relies on a strong technical base.  

For more information on THE MARK, check out their website at