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Todd Dance Concert/254 Series

Release date: September 09, 2008

Goucher College's Dance Department presents the Todd Dance Concert on Friday, December 5 through Sunday, December 7 in the Todd Dance Studio. The concert features original works by Goucher's advanced choreography students.

All three performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 for general admission and $6 for students and senior citizens. Goucher OneCards will be accepted. Tickets will be available at the door.

Senior Ariella Singer's "be feliz" explores how movement can reflect happiness. The piece shows different reactions to joyful situations by capturing people's "happy faces" and goofy quirks.

In "Wisp," senior Lynne Price uses repetition to create imagery of waves and imitate the movement of fabric.

Senior Bridget Struther's piece, "Awaiting," is about isolation and the sense of being alone even when surrounded by other people. The piece also explores the idea of breaking out of monotony and burdensome lifestyles into something that is unique.

In "After the Call," senior Marilyn Mullen focuses on the influence of technology and how it and the age of instant gratification often clash with natural human interactions and the roots of humanism.

Senior Jenny Berkowitz's "In a Constant State of Dreaming" is a journey through a landscape where upside down is just as right as right side up, and flying is a natural occurrence. 

In "The Sound of All the Seas Breaking," junior Emeri Fetzer explores things that find peace through motion. Her concept developed from the theory that the brain processes a consistent stream of thought that does not allow for peace. Fetzer believes thought is so intangible that at times it is unproductive, while motion allows for action, which is consoling. 

Senior Leah Bailey's "Blues en Mineur" was inspired by the awkwardness of a middle-school dance. The piece will be performed outside in the courtyard in front of Todd Dance Studio.

In "she told me once," junior Emily Frederick uses photos of dance that she took last semester to give an abstracted view of dance and what "dance photography" is. The piece uses studio lights for photography in an untraditional way.