Senior Capstone Project

Alex Melendez-Hoffman built a digital music player for his Senior Capstone project. The “heart” of the project is an ARM microprocessor on an mbed development board. Music files are stored on external Flash memory storage and the current song’s title is shown on a 16×2 character LCD display. The mbed board’s analog output provides an audio signal to powered speakers. The user can pause songs, skip to the next song, and control volume.
Watch: Video 1   Video 2

Cierra Zaslowe-Dude-board

Senior Capstones in Graph Theory

During the Fall 2015 semester, Cierra Zaslowe-Dude (senior Mathematics major) and Nicholas Purkey (senior Physics major, Mathematics minor) completed the first Capstone Experience in Mathematics. Their study of advanced topics in Graph Theory culminated in a presentation of their individual projects, attended by students, faculty and family. View Gallery.


Mobile Robot

Students Phil Seidel, Alex Doccolo, and Sam Levin have been working in the robotics lab on a mobile robot, getting it to map the room and avoid obstacles. Watch video.


Vending Machine Project

Students Ari Bornstein, Phil Seidel, and Aron Riesenfeld completed the vending machine project which turned an old vending machine into a networked appliance. Watch video.


Computational Cognition Project

Students Seth Hoesman and Brandon Bakhshai have begun an investigation into the impact of self-awareness on a deep neural network's learned features in video game environments. The work continues with several students expanding on their initial investigation. Read more.

Ari Bornstein

Machine Learning Project

Ari Bornstein’s senior project involved a machine learning system which learned to classify PubMed articles into categories so that scientists doing work in genetics could manage the rapid influx of data in their field. Read More.

Avery Armand

Robotic Arm Project

Avery Erwin-McGuire won the 2013 Phi Beta Kappa Nancy Engelhardt Memorial Prize in the Sciences for her independent study work “Robotic Tic-Tac-Toe: Teaching an Industrial Robot Arm to Play Intelligently”.