Eli Kaufman

I am a Communications Major from Toledo, Ohio. I chose Communications because of the diversity of the courses and the experience of the professors. I have always aspired to go into the fields of Advertising and Public Relations, but I have learned that in order to be successful in those fields, you must have a strong foundation in the other aspects of Communications. You must be a media critic. You must have knowledge of journalism. And you must have knowledge of intercultural communications. Goucher's Communications program allows for all students in the major to have a solid base on which they can build a structure for the rest of their lives. The professors in the Communications department are experts in their fields. I have had the privilege of taking a course in Broadcast News which was taught by the Assistant News Director of a local television station. I have taken courses from a professor who was recently named one of Maryland's 100 Most Powerful Women. There are professors who write for local newspapers and have many other connections to Communications-related organizations in Baltimore. The department requires an internship which that allows students to make their own connections, grow skills, and apply what they have learned. The Goucher Communications department is a very strong program and I am so lucky to be a part of it. 

Jaclyn Peiser

I am a senior Communications and American Studies double major from Dallas, Texas. I didn't come to Goucher with the intention of being a Communications major. In fact, I had given up my dream of being a journalist my senior year of high school and wanted to follow a completely different track. But when I got to Goucher, I had this overwhelming desire to write and edit for The Quindecim. My involvement in The Q has been a large part of my experience at Goucher. I started as a columnist and reporter, moved up to an editor of the global section, then the news section, and now I am the Editor-in-Chief.

Being involved in the Communications department has opened a lot of doors for me. The summer before my junior year, I interned at The Baltimore Sun in the entertainment section. This past summer I lived in DC and interned at CBS News as the Politics and White House Intern. I had the amazing opportunity to assist the staffs of "CBS Evening News" and "Face the Nation." Not only did I get to go to the White House various times throughout the summer, I was also at the Supreme Court for the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 decisions and shadowed producers on Capital Hill. I truly feel that my Communications classes and my experience writing for The Q really prepared me for my internships.

One of the great things about Goucher, and especially the Communications department, is that the professors get to know you really well. Professor David Zurawik has been an amazing mentor. Although he is my advisor and is supposed to help me, he has gone above and beyond and is truly one of my biggest cheerleaders. He is always giving me advice and supporting my decisions. Zurawik is thoroughly entertaining in the classroom and uses his veteran-journalist experience to give perspective in class. It's amazing to have professors like Zurawik and Nsenga Burton who have first-hand experience in what we are studying. If you asked me where I'd love to be next year, I would say a reporter on the Hill. But realistically, I know I won't get my dream job right after graduation. Next year I hope to be in a journalism fellowship or news associate program in Washington, D.C. 

Rebecca Mark

After growing up in the Bronx, Rebecca Mark '14 was eager to learn what opportunities awaited her longstanding interests in media and culture at Goucher College. In her first semester she joined Goucher College Student Radio (GCSR) and has since helped the radio take off to new levels of success. She is now the creative director and co-programming director for the oldest online free-form radio station in the country. Her responsibilities range include social media management, public relations, maintenance of studio equipment, creation of on-air content, and assisting in the 24/7 production of live, student-run shows. Mark's interests in media do not end with the on campus studio, located in the Athenaeum. This summer, she embarked on the "Alternative Media and Culture in the Balkans" ICA. Led by Professors Daniel Marcus and Laura Burns, she and eight other students traveled through Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they met, interviewed, and curated art with a series of visual artists and alternative media creators from the region. The ICA will culminate in an upcoming contemporary art exhibition titled "Bosnian/Art," curated by Mark, her peers and professors. Her curatorial work extended into her internship in Berlin, Germany at Network Awesome. The online TV channel and groundbreaking media archive that is Network Awesome has opened Mark's eyes to range of possibilities of media consumption in the 21st century.

Mark will graduate in May 2014 with a dual degree in Communication and Media Studies and Psychology. Her passion for media and art initiatives that are community and socially oriented will hopefully lead her to continue her career within media and creative production. She has thoroughly enjoyed each semester at Goucher, finding new inspiration from her peers and professors each term, and is forever grateful to her professors who have supported her. Rebecca is very proud to have recently been awarded the Emma Robertson Richardson Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Brianna Holloman

I am a senior Communications Major and French minor from Baltimore, MD. I graduated from St. Paul's School for Girls (SPSG)  in 2010. As a senior at SPSG, I was given an amazing opportunity to complete my senior project at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. During my time there, I interviewed Barbara Bush, Ted Leonsis, and Senator Tim Kaine. This experience was a major influence in my decision to major in Communications. I would love to return to the National Press Club as an employee in the future or I would like to pursue a career in journalism in France.