Rollie Hudson

Adjunct Lecturer


BA, University of Michigan

Rollie Hudson is a Washington DC based filmmaker and is also affiliated with the Digital Arts graduate program at Goucher College. He has written, produced and directed hour long and half hour long Television shows for cable networks such as A&E and HGTV. He has worked on productions in various capacities for BBC-TV, Discovery, the History Channel, PBS and other networks. He recently wrote the script for the PBS pledge show, "Jubilee Showcase." Hudson currently shoots and edits video for clients like Demand Studios ( from his self-owned and operated production studio, ( Additionally, for the past 20 years he has worked in 3D animation as a digital artist and he continues to develop content related to computer graphics including the development of a science fiction animated series. Hudson has also done work in and continues to work in the areas of indie film and music videos.

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Video and audio production