Convocation 2013

Convocation 2013 Chemistry

Congratulations to the chemistry and biochemistry majors who received awards at Convocation 2013!

Back Row: David Spivey '14, Phelan Shea '13, Rachel Mann '14, Eliza Stever '14, Kat Flanagan '13, William Schiff '13

Front Row: Amber DiLoreto '14; Qingyao Li '14, Jeff Bessen '13


Commencement 2012

Chemistry Class of 2012 and Faculty

Chemistry Department Class of 2012 and Faculty:

Seated: Pam Douglass, Abby Bickford, Amanda Lee, Randi Turner, Noah Robinson, Kirkbride Loya

Standing: Stephanie Fussell, Esther Gibbs, Ruquia Ahmed-Schofield, Scott Sibley, Judy Levine, Lisa Taylor, Liz vonEnde, Phuong Tran-Nguyen, Becca Smith, Kyle Williams, George Greco, Kevin Schultz