The following courses are required:

  • EC 101*
  • EC 102*
  • EC 206 or MA 140(105)
  • BUS 110
  • BUS 120
  • BUS 206
  • BUS 210
  • BUS 229
  • BUS 231
  • BUS 245
  • BUS 290
  • BUS 380
  • Nine additional semester hours of electives at the 200 level or above, at least six of which must be at the 300 level, not including BUS 270 or 375.  (Exceptions made for declared Arts Administration Concentration/Double Majors for whom BUS 270 and BUS 375 can count towards elective credit in the major.)

* Students with a low math placement must complete BUS 105 and must receive an A or A- in EC 100 before enrolling in EC 101 or EC 102.

Students choose electives to provide a concentration in some particular level of interest. Ordinarily, majors must take EC 101 or 102 by the end of the sophomore year and EC 206 or MA 140 (105) by the end of the junior year. Before the senior year, students must be granted writing proficiency in BUS 206 to complete the requirement of writing proficiency in business management.

Study-abroad coursework to receive credit toward the business management major must be pre-approved by the Business Management Department. In the event that a student wishes to reclassify a course taken abroad from a 200-level business management elective to a 300-level business management elective after the course has been completed, it will be necessary to submit (1) all available course materials concerning the content and schedule of the course, including at minimum a comprehensive published syllabus, and (2) a substantial portion of the student's completed work as returned by the instructor, with all comments and grading. All course pre-approvals and reclassifications are at the discretion of the Business Management Department subject to its review of these materials.


Concentration in International Business

With foundations in economic theory and core business functions, the concentration in international business focuses on the global environment for international business, how firms become and remain international in scope, how to negotiate international business relationships successfully, cross-cultural business management, etc. A number of semester-long and intensive three-week, study-abroad opportunities are particularly fitting for international-business (IB) students.

To complete the IB concentration, students take the same courses required of the business management major, with the exception that the nine semester hours of electives must consist of a) BUS 221 or 260 (with international topic); b) BUS 331 or 317; and c) BUS 335.

In addition, students must take two languages courses beyond the 130 level (normally a conversation and comprehension course and a business course taught in the foreign language, when available).


Concentration in Arts Administration

Goucher's arts administration coursework prepares students who want to pursue professional activities or careers related to managing, producing, or advancing the cultural arts, either in the for-profit or nonprofit sector.

The college also offers a master of arts in arts administration. For more information about the Master of Arts in Arts Administration program, click here.