Goucher's arts administration undergraduate program and coursework prepares students who want to pursue professional activities or careers related to managing, producing, or advancing the cultural arts, either in the for-profit or nonprofit sector. Goucher is among only a handful of schools in the United States who offers a packaged program of arts administration courses for undergraduates.

Students who pursue a concentration in arts administration major in art, dance, music, or theatre (completing a minimum of 27 credits that are chosen in consultation with the department and that cover both historical/theoretical and studio work) and then supplement that major with three courses in arts administration and four in economics and business management. Please note that each department’s requirements vary, however some departments offer reduced credits within their majors to accommodate the additional Arts Administration courses. Please refer to the Academic catalogue within your major for more details.

The courses in the Arts major provide a solid foundation in an art form, and the additional courses enhance knowledge appropriate to the student's interest in arts administration. Some students complete their major in an art form, add the concentration, and pursue either a minor or a major in business management. Only those completing a major in the arts, however, are eligible for the official designation of Concentration in Arts Administration.

The courses in arts administration may also be taken independently of the concentration. Requirements include:

  • EC 100 (Introduction to Economics) OR EC 101 (Micro Economics)* EC 101 is recommended for students majoring or minoring in Business Management
  • BUS 110 (Principles of Accounting I)
  • BUS 120 (Principles of Accounting II)
  • BUS 170 (Introduction to Arts Administration, offered Spring)
  • BUS 229 (Marketing Management)
  • BUS 270 (Case Studies in Arts Administration, offered Fall)
  • BUS 375 (Strategic Leadership for the Arts Administrator, offered Spring)

Other recommended courses are:

  • BUS 105 (Quantitative Reasoning for Business)
  • BUS 245 (Organizational Behavior)
  • BUS 247 (Introduction to Human Resource Management)
  • CBL 115 (Gateway to Service)
  • THE 105 (Effective Public Speaking)

An Arts Administration-focused Intensive Course Abroad (ICA), will be offered by the college in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in May-June 2016. Click here for details, or contact Alison Lohr at alohr@goucher.edu.

For more information about the Arts Administration Concentration, view the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Alison Cahen Lohr, instructor and program adviser of the Concentration at alohr@goucher.edu.

The college also offers a Master of Arts in Arts Administration. For more information about the MAAA program, click here.