The Business Management Department offers both a major and minor in business management. An optional concentration in international business is available to students who major in business management. International business is also available as a minor to non-business management students. The business management major trains students in the development of analytical and effective communication skills within the framework of a strong liberal arts curriculum. Business management is the application of tools that are useful in executing plans and achieving goals. Students are introduced to and expected to practice individual and collective decision making, macro- and micro-level organizational skills, leadership and motivation techniques, and quality control through checks and balances. Business management skills are used in for-profit ventures, not-for-profit organizations, foundations, institutions, educational institutions, and at all levels of government.

Writing Proficiency Requirement for Business Management Majors

Students are required to earn at least a C- in ENG 206 and be granted writing proficiency by the instructor, prior to achieving senior status.

Computer Proficiency Requirement for Business Management Majors

Upon completion of the requirements for a degree in business management, a student should be able to:

  • create, use, and modify spreadsheet programs, i.e. Excel;
  • research economic and financial information using e-mail and the Internet;
  • use PowerPoint for classroom oral presentations;
  • demonstrate competence with a word processing software package, i.e. Word; and
  • use appropriate statistics software.

Because many mid- and upper-level business management courses require students to demonstrate the aforementioned skills, computer proficiency is achieved by completion of the major requirements for the degree.

Academic Requirements for Completion of a Major, Minor, or Concentration in the Department

  1. Each student must receive at least a C- in every required course.
  2. Each student who receives lower than a C- in more than two required courses will not be permitted to continue in the major or minor.
  3. No required course may be taken more than two times. A withdrawal beyond the seventh week will be considered as having taken the course.