Janine L. Bowen

Professor, Business Management

Van Meter G44


B.S., The Ohio State University, 1987
M.S., The Ohio State University, 1992
Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1994

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Emotion in Organizations, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Academic Assessment, Faculty Development, International Political Economy

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances

Bowen, J.L. and Cherubini, J(2015). Emotional Labor in the Liberal Arts. In Zysberg, L. & Raz, S. (Eds). Emotional Intelligence: Current Evidence from Psychological, Educational, and Organizational Perspectives (pp. 255-276).  New York, NY.  Nova Science Publishers.  

Bowen, J.L. & Shope, J. (2014). Difficult conversations we're NOT having: Mixed group perspective-taking and diversity education.  Journal on Centers of Teaching and Learning.  Volume 6, pp. 17-32.

Bowen, J.L. (2014). Emotion in the Classroom: An Update.  To Improve the Academey: A Journal of Educational Development, 33: 196-219.

Bowen, J.L. (2014). Emotion in Organizations: Resources for Business Educators.  Journal of Management Education, 38(1), 114-142.

Sloat, J., Bowen, J., McEvoy, K. and McKay, G. (2013). "Assistant/Associate Deans-Leading from Unusual Places." 69th Annual Meeting, American Conference of Academic Deans.  Washington, D.C.  January 24.

Shope, J. and Bowen, J.L.  (2012). "The Difficult Conversations We're Not Having:" A Mixed-Group Approach to Diversity Education born from Small-School Challenges. Presentation at the 2012 Annual POD Conference, Seattle, Washington, October 25-27.

Bowen, J.L. (2001). International Tourism in Cuba: Key Issues and Future Prospects. Refereed Proceedings of the Eighth Annual South Dakota International Business Conference, Rapid City, South Dakota, October.

Blaine, M.J., and Bowen, J.L. (2000). The Challenge of African Development in the 21st Century. International Journal of Development Planning Literature, 15, 159-186.

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