Spotlight on Professor Janine Bowen

Release date: May 21, 2015

Professor Janine Bowen
Professor of Business Management

Congratulations to Janine Bowen who is newly promoted to full professor of business management.  Janine has been a member of the faculty since 1994, served as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies for five years and as Associate Dean for Faculty affairs for three years, before returning to full time teaching as chair of the Business Management Department in 2012.  Since her return, she has taught hundreds of students in Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Reasoning for Business, and the History of the Modern Global Economy.

Students describe her as "very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, dedicated to helping us discover things about ourselves and others....  She is always helpful and students always feel they can trust her.  She brings the best out of her students and always expects greater things from them."

Dr. Bowen is also an active scholar.  Recent publications include a chapter (Emotional Labor in the Liberal Arts) in the 2015 book, Emotional Intelligence: Current Evidence from Psychological, Educational and Organizational Perspectives by Nova Science Publishers, an article (Emotion in the Classroom: An Update) in To Improve the Academy, an article (Emotion in Organizations: Resources for Business Educators) in the Journal of Management Education and an article (Difficult Conversations we're NOT having: Mixed group perspective-taking and diversity education) in the Journal on Centers of Teaching and Learning.

Among her next projects is working with the Goucher Prison Education Partnership, a division of Goucher College that gives men and women incarcerated in Maryland the opportunity to pursue an excellent college education.