Hoffberger Science Building

  • 15,000 square feet for the Biological Sciences Department
  • Dedicated research laboratories for full-time faculty
  • A Radioisotopes lab contains liquid scintillation and gamma counters, and a variety of equipment supporting molecular biology research
  • Dishwashing facilities and a fully-equipped darkroom
  • Large greenhouse and potting shed
  • Computer laboratories
  • Equipment: reagent-grade water systems, thermocyclers, phosphorimager, -80°C freezers, an ultracentrifuge and refrigerated high-speed centrifuges and rotors, sterile transfer hoods, a vacuum centrifuge system, UV/VIS scanning spectrophotometers, a variety of incubators and growth chambers, and a number of dissecting and compound microscopes with digital imaging systems
  • Approved for use of radioactivity by the institutional Radiation Safety Committee and under our site license administered by the Maryland Department of the Environment
  • New and renovated laboratories and classrooms expected in the next 2-3 years in conjunction with the Julia Rogers building renovation