All art history majors are required to complete:

  • ARH 103 - Introduction to the History of Art (4) (formerly ART 103)
  • ARH 249 - History and Methods of Art History (3) (formerly ART 249)
  • ARH 275 Renaissance Art (4) (formerly ART 275) or
  • ARH 279 Baroque and Rococo Art (4) (formerly ART 279)
  • ARH 281 - Modern Art, 1880-1914 (4) (formerly ART 281)
  • ARH 382 - Special Topics in Art History (3) (formerly ART 382)
  • ARH 366 - The Art-Historical Presentation (1) (formerly ART 366)
  • One course in two-dimensional studio art
  • One course in three-dimensional studio art
  • Four additional 200-level courses in art history (may include cross-listed courses)
  • One additional 300-level art history course (excluding ART 395)

Recommended courses for art history majors include:

  • At least one additional studio art course at the 200 or 300 level
  • A range of elective courses in the humanities and/or the history of other art forms, according to the individual student's interests and goals.



Concentration in Arts Administration

Goucher's arts administration coursework prepares students who want to pursue professional activities or careers related to managing, producing, or advancing the cultural arts, either in the for-profit or nonprofit sector.  For more information, click here.

Writing proficiency in the major is required and is fulfilled by completing:

  • One research paper with appropriate citations, bibliography, and illustrations of no less than 10 text pages with a grade of B or better, written for a course in the major.
  • One paper demonstrating critical analysis of no less than three text pages with a grade of B or better, written for a course in the major.

Honors in the major

To achieve honors in the major, graduating seniors must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in all courses taken within the major and a minimum overall GPA of 3.3

  • Honors candidates must complete ART 395, The Art History Thesis, producing an approximately 35-page paper with a grade of B+ or better
  • Honors candidates must have completed the required course ART 366, The Art-Historical Presentation, with a grade of B+ or better.


Additional Information

An art history major may elect to concentrate in arts administration (see arts administration requirements).

A maximum of two internships may count toward the major. Each internship can earn a maximum of four credits.

Transfer students should note that at least 23 of the credits for the art history major must be earned at Goucher. When requesting transfer credit, courses taken elsewhere, if required for the major, must correspond to courses offered at Goucher, and a syllabus of the course must be presented to determine this.

Courses taken elsewhere to satisfy requirements in the art history major or minor by enrolled students must be approved in advance by the department. Students may take no more than three courses (9-12 credits) counting toward the art history major at institutions other than Goucher (not including courses taken during Goucher-approved study abroad).

Art History Major Checklist

Review the Art History Major Checklist (PDF) with your academic advisor to ensure that you are taking the necessary courses and credits to graduate. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or visit the Academic Advising website for more information.