The study of the visual arts at Goucher encourages students to develop creative talents and aesthetic sensitivity and to examine the historical emergence of art theory and practice. Courses in studio art emphasize independent thought and experimentation in transforming materials to communicate emotions and ideas, and art students are prepared for graduate study, a professional art career, or lifelong appreciation of the visual arts. Courses in art history explore form, content, and meaning in art of the past and the present, with emphasis on historical and social contexts. To accommodate individual interests and career plans, students and their advisers may also design individualized majors that unite studies in art with course work in other fields.


Department Chair
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Matt Wolff
Matt Wolff
"Goucher is a launching pad to so many other places and so many other people. You can get into Baltimore and make connections; you can go to Paris and make connections... . Somebody knows somebody who can help you with what you're doing."