ARB 110. Elements of Arabic I (4 Cr.) 
An introduction to the Arabic alphabet, this initial course is designed to give students with no prior knowledge of Arabic a foundation in the language, with special emphasis on the development of vocabulary and basic conversational and reading skills. Four contact hours with the instructor. Prerequisite: placement. Fall semester.

ARB 120. Elements of Arabic II (4 Cr.) 
In the second semester, students develop communicative skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) at an elementary level within the context of Arabic culture broadly defined. Four contact hours with the instructor. Prerequisite: placement or ARB 110 with a minimum grade of C-. Spring semester.

ARB 130. Intermediate Arabic I (4 Cr.) (LER-FL)
Building on the previous elementary work in Arabic, this course furthers the study of the vocabulary, grammar and syntax through intensive aural, reading and written practice. Discussions are grounded in contemporary Arabic culture. Four contact hours with the instructor. Prerequisite: placement or ARB 120 with a minimum grade of C-. Fall semester, repeated spring semester.

ARB 229. Gateway to Arabic ICA (2 Cr.) 
This seven-week course focuses on language, cultural, and cinema terminology preparation. Spring. Khamis, Martin.

ARB 230. Intro to Modern Arab Culture: Dissenting Voices, Liberating Visions (3-4 Cr.) (LER-TXT and DIV)
In a century of social and political upheaval, Arab writers, critics, visual artists, and filmmakers have produced a compelling body of work that challenges oppressive structures and traditions. In this introductory class, students will engage in a close, contextual reading of a wide array of cultural works produced by some of the most provocative voices from Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. Students will examine the ways that gender, class, war, and colonialism inform the poetry, fiction, films, music, and art of the modern Arab world. Readings and discussions will be conducted in English. Prerequisites: None. Spring. First Offered 2012. Khamis.

ARB 234. Conversation and Composition (4 Cr.) 
Development of conversational and writing skills through the study and discussion of texts, news, songs, and films. Special emphasis on acquisition of vocabulary, grammar practice, and writing short essays. Prerequisites: Placement or ARB 130 with a minimum grade of C-. First offered 2013. Khamis.

ARB 272G. Intensive Course Abroad (4 Cr.) 
Arab Cinemas, Cultures and Identities (Gen. Ed. #3) This course introduces students to the variety of Arab cinemas from the eastern part of the Arab world to the Maghreb. Students analyze films and film movements via a representative sample of films from the region, organized thematically (e.g. women's films, nationalism, faith, war). The course further provides students with an initiation to Levantine conversational Arabic in Nazareth. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or permission of the instructors. Khamis, Martin. Spring/summer 2014 and alternate years.

ARB 299. Independent Work (1-3 Cr.) 
This course (variable credits) is designed for students who have completed ARB 130 and wish to direct their learning in Arabic toward their major's content. Material studied in this course will be designed in accordance with the contents of the individual major. Prerequisite: ARB 130 . Khamis.