James Dator

Assistant Professor of History

Van Meter 138



Ph.D., University of Michigan, History, 2011
M.A., University of Michigan, History, 2006
B.A., University of Michigan, Afroamerican & African Studies/Economics, 2001

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Early-Modern Caribbean, Comparative Slavery & Slave Resistance, African Diaspora

Recent Publications/Presentations/Performances


   Published and Accepted Manuscripts

   2015                         "Frank Travels: Space, Power and Slave Mobility in the British Leeward 
                                      Islands, c. 1700-1730,"Slavery & Abolition 36, no. 2: 335-359.

   Manuscripts in Progress

                                    "Beyond a Boundary: Imperial Rivalry, Islander Indifference, and 'Negro'
                                     Struggle in the Leeward Caribbean, 1688-1748"

                                    "Moral Economies and the Creation of the 1736 Antigua Conspiracy"

                                    Search for a New Land: Space, Race, and Power in the Leeward Caribbean, 1688-1748 (Book)

Other Publications

2007                         "Agricultural Work," "Seasonal Rhythms of Life," and "Cotton Plantations" in Slavery in 
ed. Orville Vernon Burton, (Detroit: Gale, 2007).

Public History Publications & Contributions

2012                         Charles H. Wright Underground Railroad On-Line Encyclopedia www.ugrronline.com
                                Senior Editor/Scholar-in-Residence/80+ Entries

2011                         "The Mountains of Detroit"

Fellowships, Awards, & Postdoctoral Study

   2016                         CIC-Gilder Lehrman Seminar, Yale University

   2015                         Faculty Travel Grant, Goucher College

   2014                         Crosby Development Grant, Goucher College

   2014                         Faculty Travel Grant, Goucher College

   2013                         Faculty Summer Research Grant, Goucher College                                       

   2013                         Faculty Travel Grant, Goucher College                                                         

   2013                         Crosby Development Grant, Goucher College                                              

   2012                         Crosby Development Grant, Goucher College

   2012                         Charles H. Wright Museum Postdoctoral Scholar-in-Residence

   2008                         Huetwell Graduate Fellowship, University of Michigan                                           

   2007                          John D. Pierce Scholarship                                                                          

   2004                         University of Michigan Fellowship in History                                                              

   2004                         Michigan Department of History Summer Research Fellowship                            

   2002/03                    Michigan LS&A Regents Fellowship                                                              

Scholarly Presentations & Engagement

   2016 Summer           "Slave Narratives" Nominated Fellow Gilder-Lehrman Institute
                                   Yale University, New Haven, CT

   2016 Spring              "Enslaved Deserters in the Leeward Islands" Invited Participant
                                   Research Workshop, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA                       

   2015 Fall                  "Between the Mountains and the Sea"
                                    Runaways: Desertion and Mobility in Global Labor History, c. 1650-1850 Conference,
                                    IIHS & University of Pittsburgh Joint Conference, Amsterdam, NL

   2015 Spring              "Moral Economies & Sacred Memories: The Creation of the
                                    Antigua Conspiracy of 1736"
                                    Collegium for African American Research Conference, Liverpool Hope, UK

   2015 Spring              "A 'Pernicious Consequence': Imperial Rivalry, Islander Indifference, and
                                    'Negro' Struggle in the Leeward Islands, 1688-1748" Invited Participant
                                    The World of Jenkins' Ear Conference & Workshop, Rutgers University

   2013 Fall                  "The Antigua Conspiracy of 1736 and the Moral Economy of the Gods"  
                                    Sugar & Beyond Conference, Brown University

   2013 Spring              "Frank Travels: Afro-Cosmopolitanism in the British Leewards"
                                    Conference of the Association of Caribbean Historians
                                    San Ignacio, Belize

   2012 Fall                  "Empire, Boundaries, and the Underground Railroad in Michigan"              
                                    Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

   2010 Fall                  "Frank Travels: Race and Power in the British Leewards"                           
                                    Second Biennial Conference on Race
                                    Monmouth University

   2009 Winter             "The Coming Storm: The Events of History and the
                                    St. John Revolt of 1733"                                                        
                                    American Historical Society Annual Meeting/CLAH

   2009 Fall                  "'Court, alias Tackey': Black Identities, Golden Identifications"
                                    Atlantic History Workshop, University of Michigan                                               

   2008 Fall                  "At the Center of it All: Slave Resistance"
                                   Writing the Atlantic: A Joint UM-MSU Conference                                                  

   2006 Spring              "A 'Mistaken Notion?': Freedom Rumors and Baptism in 1730s Virginia."                                    UM Atlantic History Workshop                                                                  

Public Scholarship, Service, & Community Outreach

   2015 Fall                  "Racism in America: A History in Three Acts" Invited Lecture
                                   What is Race? Seminar Series Goucher College
   Lots More


  Goucher College Department of History & Program in Africana Studies

   US History, 1865 to Present (HIS 111)

   Introduction to the African Diaspora (AFR 200)

   Bad Spirits: The Atlantic Slave Trade in History and Memory (HIS 205)

   Comparative African History (HIS 207)

   African American History I: 1619-1877 (HIS 270)

   African American History II: 1877-Present (HIS 273)                                                                                         

   Comparative Slavery (HIS 289)

   Mariners, Renegades, and Castaways (HIS 289)

   Routes of Black Thought: Intellectual Currents of the African Diaspora (HIS 320 Seminar)

   The Long Civil Rights Movement (HIS 320 Seminar) 

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

Early-Modern Caribbean, Comparative Slavery & Slave Resistance, African Diaspora