Disability Support Services

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Goucher College welcomes qualified students with disabilities.  The college provides reasonable accommodations for academically qualified students with disabilities to ensure equal access to the college’s academic programs and activities.  Goucher adheres to all applicable federal and local laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations; however, like all institutions of higher education, Goucher is not required to provide accommodations that fundamentally alter its educational programs.

The college evaluates requests for accommodations on an individual basis, and reasonable academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids are provided for qualified students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis.  The college provides academic support services for all students through the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and the student-staffed Writing Center. Students with disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of these resources. If a student cannot complete a requirement because of a documented disability, he/she may petition the associate dean for undergraduate studies, with the assistance of the disabilities specialist, for an appropriate substitution.

Incoming students with documented disabilities who wish to request adjustments and/or auxiliary aids and services must complete the Disabilities Registration Form (which can be downloaded from the New Student portal) and submit it with the appropriate documentation to Dr. Frona Brown, college disabilities specialist, Goucher College,1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Baltimore, MD 21204.

To ensure the college is able to meet the needs of students with disabilities in a timely manner, documentation and diagnosis of a specific disability should be completed by a qualified examiner and submitted to the disabilities specialist before the beginning of the semester in which the student is requesting the accommodations.  Appropriate documentation will help the student to better understand his/her learning needs in a higher education setting and will assist the student and the College Disabilities Specialist in making informed decisions about academic accommodations so that an "Agreement for Students with Disabilities" can be developed in a timely manner. 

For students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders, a psycho-educational evaluation may be required. (See Documentation of Learning Disability and/or ADHD.) 

Students with physical and/or sensory disabilities are encouraged to submit appropriate medical or clinical documentation, including a diagnosis and prognosis by a qualified physician, prescribed therapy and recommended academic adjustments and auxiliary aids.
For additional forms and policies, see the Forms and Downloads page.