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Multiple Intelligence Inventory

Everybody has a preferred learning style. By taking this short quiz you will be able to identify and understand your style, as well as learn how to maximize your strengths and improve your self-advocacy skills.

MI Inventory (PDF)

Exam Tips

Taking exams can be difficult. This guide will help you learn tips and strategies for taking both multiple-choice and essay exams.

Exam Tips (PDF)


An important step toward academic success is note-taking. These downloads will help you learn efficient note-taking methods, as well as provide you with templates to use during note-taking.

Note-Taking Techniques (PDF)

Note Taking Template (DOC)

To-Do Lists

To-do lists are a great organizational tool. Use our templates to create to-do lists by the hour, by the class, or just a general to-do list.

General To-Do List (PDF)

Class To-Do List (PDF)

Hourly To-Do List (DOC)


Schedules are another great organizational tool, especially when used alongside to-do lists. Use our templates to create weekly and monthly schedules.

Monthly Schedule (PDF)

Weekly Schedule (DOC)

Grade Tracking

A good way to gauge your progress and standing in your classes is to track your graded assignments. Use our grade tracking template to keep documentation of all your graded assignments.

Grade Tracker (DOC)

Studying and Note-Taking

Studying and Note-Taking with Technology by Student Tech Support.

Studying and Note-Taking (DOC)