You have a family emergency and need to leave campus.
You are sick and need health care.
You are sick or have been hospitalized and need to miss several days of classes.
You are not doing well in one of your classes.
  • See the professor of the class.
  • Use the services of ACE to help with gaining academic strength.
  • Use the services of the Writing Center to help improve writing of papers.
You are having emotional issues that are impacting your ability to function well.
  • Go to the Health Center and speak with a counselor. Visit the Student Health and Counseling website for more information.
  • If this persists and begins to affect your ability to do well in classes, contact Dr. Bryan Coker, Dean of Students, at ext. 6150 or e-mail
You have a documented learning disability and need accommodations.
  • Contact Frona Brown, the college disability specialist, at or call her at ext. 6178 to make an appointment.
You need advice on your academic plan, a possible course of study, or you have a question about an academic requirement.
  • Contact your academic adviser.
You want to ask about an exception to the normal course of study, college policy, or need further advice about your course of study.
  • Contact the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, La Jerne Cornish Ph.D. at x6460
You have an idea about a new club.
  • Contact Stacy Cooper Patterson, the Associate Dean of Students for Community Life, at ext. 6414.
You want to learn how to get involved in co-curricular organizations and activities.
  • Contact the Office of Student Engagement at or ext. 6124.
You are ready to declare your major (and/or minor).
  • Contact the chair of the relevant department.    
  • Make an appointment to meet him/her. If you do not know which faculty member is the director of the program, select the Academics link found on our homepage to find this information. Take the major declaration form (found here) with you to this meeting so the chair will be able to assign you an adviser.

You need help deciding on a major or exploring career options for your major.
You need or want to complete an internship.
  • Speak with your adviser to discuss ideas for internship sites and how an internship fits into your academic plan.
  • Visit the Career Development Office (CDO) website, call ext. 6191, or e-mail to set up an appointment.
You need a job while you are in school or for the summer.
You need help with your plans after graduation — a job or graduate school.