Success Story

Data collected over a one-year time period regarding members of Goucher College's Class of 2014 show*:

100% are employed and/or pursuing graduate education.

Goucher's unique liberal arts curriculum promotes a broad education over narrow career training. A Goucher education gives graduates a wide range of professional options and increased ability to take advantage of new opportunities in developing fields.

While at Goucher, our students enjoy outstanding internship opportunities. Because all our students study abroad before graduating, their transformative personal experiences abroad give them an advantage when applying to graduate schools and for jobs

Once they leave campus, our graduates have mastered a range of knowledge, including excellent communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning skills—skills that American employers overwhelmingly say they want job candidates to have.

The results are clear.

*Data collected for 78% of the Class of 2014 through surveys and other sources.

**Some alumni are both employed and in graduate school.


Morissa Rothman-Pierce
Morissa Rothman-Pierce
“Goucher instilled a full-throttle attitude in me, and I was surrounded by people who were always doing things.”

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