Dear Dr. and Mrs. Bowen,

Welcome to the Goucher family! As an alumna of the class of 1946 I have seen several Goucher Presidents take the reins of this wonderful Institution, and I am sure you are aware of their accomplishments. Because I have faith in our selection committee, I feel you will make your own Mark in continuing to keep Goucher advancing in the role of teaching student minds to think and deal creatively with current world problems. The Alumnae-Alumni body wishes you the greatest success!

Patricia F. Weldon, Class of 1946

Mr. President-elect!

Wearing the hat of the president of a small segment of the Goucher community, the Class of 1964, let me add my congratulations to you. A goodly number of my classmates will join me on campus to mark our 50th Reunion this April; if you are there, too, we will all hope to make your acquaintance.

May your very apparent enthusiasm for this new role never wane!

With our best wishes,
Louise "Reddi" Levy Ford, Class of 1964

Dear Dr. Bowen:

Please accept my warmest congratulations on your appointment as President of Goucher College. I want to personally welcome you to our community. The dance department looks forward to sharing our creative endeavors with you and to working side by side to successfully carry out Goucher's mission.


Elizabeth Ahearn
Chair, Dance Department

Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations on your new role at the College. "Listen as intently as you play" is now on a sticky note at my desk. I too was involved in music and am a firm believer in its ability to allow an individual well rounded, preparing them for a successful future. I wish you the best you take the role as Goucher's 11th President.

Brandon Hines

Dear Jose,

Congratulations! Megan Gillick sent me the link to the article about you in the Chron. I am so happy for you and your success. Enjoy your return to the Mid-Atlantic! Have you kept in touch with Mr. Caestecker??

All best, Shawn Scoville
Former colleague from GU

Dr. Bowen,

I am so excited that you are about to become Goucher's next president! Your experience and accomplishments are truly inspiring, especially to an aspiring musician/professor such as myself. We at Goucher all look forward to the vision and new perspectives that you will bring here. Welcome!

P. S. I would love to meet Latte and the dogs.

Saul Priever, Class of 2015

Dear Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations on your new position as President of Goucher College! I am a member of the class of 2007, and I currently work at the college as Director of the Pilates Center. Not sure if you are aware that Goucher has it's own Pilates Center, but we are the first Pilates studio in the state of MD (since 1995) and we are the best studio in MD, named by Baltimore Magazine! All of our instructors have been trained through Romana's Pilates Teacher Training program. This is the classical, authentic Pilates Method of Body Conditioning as developed by Joseph H. Pilates, in the early 1900s.

As director, I would like to invite you down to the SRC (Sports and Rec Center) to have a private lesson and get to know how our studio works. Most of our instructors are Goucher alumi, except for two. We have 6 total instructors.

We all wish you well and are very excited to have you as Goucher's next President. Sandy has set the bar high but we believe you will exceed expectations!

All the best,

Michelle Mulreaney - Class of 2009 and all the instructors at The Pilates Center

Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations! This is a great day for Goucher and Higher Education, in general. We need examples of creative thinking and innovation in our liberal arts colleges. I am moving in the same direction at Carthage College - fueled by my college-wide "Dream Team." As the former Dean of the School of Music at Ithaca College, I am thrilled to see another musician become president. We are slowly taking over! All the best to you, and to this fine institution, as together you chart a new path for the future.

Gregory Woodward, president, Carthage College

Dear Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations and welcome to Goucher! My time at college transformed my life path and set me on the road to academia. The role models and mentors I was lucky enough to encounter at Goucher are still very much with me as I teach, research, and write, and I have stayed in touch with many of them. Earlier this year I was invited to Goucher to speak at the Athenaeum, another experience I will always treasure. I wish you good fortune as you help steer this wonderful, ever-changing institution toward the future.

with best wishes,
Dr. Melissa R. Klapper - Class of 1995, Professor of History, Rowan University

An author and educator, a jazz composer and performing artist, trained in the scientific method and therefore one who "speaks science"--a Renaissance man! I'm excited about the choice of Jose Bowen as the next president of Goucher.

Lynda Goldsmith - Class of 1961

Welcome to Goucher! I have enjoyed reading about you and look forward to hearing about your impact on the College. As a life-long professional musician, I am thrilled with that part of your background!

Have you considered making an appearance at the upcoming reunion at the end of April? That would be a great time for you to introduce yourself to a large group of alums, myself included.

Best wishes,
Nancy Hemstreet Eaton - Class of 1969

José, so pleased for you to be accepting the Presidency of Goucher! It has been my privilege to know you and Naiomi. I wish you much success and happiness in the future. You have contributed so much to the Meadows School...such commitment on your part to changing the culture and adding a 21st century approach to our school is remarkable!! The students have gained a tremendous advantage with your presence and lasting impact on the SMU community. THANK YOU and best in the coming years!

Joan Winter - Alum Class of 1993 MFA Meadows School

Dear President Bowen,

Congratulations to your appointment! I particularly love the photograph of your leap - Having been trained in ballet and modern dance, I am thrilled that my fearless leader is one who both clearly believes in AND performs dance brilliantly. I look forward to serving our students under your leadership.


Libby Lai-Bun Chiu - Faculty, MAAA program: "International Arts Policy", "Arts Education in Schools and Communities.

Congratulations! I was in the class of 1954 and loved Goucher as you will too! I will be back for my 60th reunion and hope I will meet you. My best! Judy Schwartz

Judith Schwartz - Class of 1954

Welcome to Goucher, Dr. Bowen! I am so looking forward to working with you, and excited to welcome you to our wonderful little community. I am an alumna of both the undergraduate and graduate programs, and have been working at Goucher for the last 6 years with the service, social justice, and Community-Based Learning programs. I am also particularly excited to help introduce you to Baltimore, an amazing community, through many of our wonderful neighborhood programs and partnerships. My dog (if she could type) would also gladly welcome your dogs to the Goucher trails. I offer that welcome on her behalf. See you in July!

Lindsay Johnson - Class of 2005 and 2013, Associate Director of Community Service and Community-Based Learning

José Bowen is the ideal President for a liberal arts college in the early years of the 21st century. In President Bowen, the Goucher community will find a leader who serves and works with them, a creative and imaginative person who will inspire them, and a teacher who is a lifelong student interested in learning. José is a modern Renaissance man, and he will devote all his energies at Goucher to engaging the life of the mind and the development of the whole person for all Goucher constituencies.

Robert Blocker - The Henry and Lucy Moses Dean of Music, Yale University

Hello Dr. Bowen:

I would like to thank you for your book Teaching Naked which we are discussing on the MSU campus this month. As the Integrative/Engagement faculty fellow for our campus- I am always thrilled to find others who can be instructive as to ways to optimize our teaching practice with students. I am thrilled with your discussions and research.

My grandfather Otto Kraushaar was president of Goucher for 19 years and as a child I spent hundreds of hours on your campus and many Christmases presenting family programs on the stage in Kraushaar auditorium. He loved the campus! I have taught in higher education for over 30 years now at Montana State University in the English Department. His influence in my early years has deeply informed my teaching, and hIs love for his students and learning has greatly enriched my practice. I hope you enjoy your time in the presidency at Goucher as much as he did! Goucher is a very special college!
Thank you for your dedication to higher education.

Jill Davis - Grand-daughter of Otto Kraushaar/ Montana State University English Department

Dear Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations on being named as Goucher's new president. I wish you every success for many years, beginning as you work with Dr. Ungar during the transition.

As a student in the MFA Creative Nonfiction program, I'm especially pleased that Goucher has called a new president who is not only deeply grounded and highly accomplished in the arts, but one who, like Dr. Ungar, comes with an obvious appreciation for high-quality nonfiction.

I'm a member of the class of '14, and my Goucher experience has benefited me greatly--academically, professionally, personally. Even though I won't be around the campus much after this summer, I hope to continue my association with the college as a good alumnus, and I'm eager to see where you lead the college and the MFA-CNF program in the years to come.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Simon Dahlman - MFA, Creative Nonfiction, Class of 2014

Dr. Bowen,

I am thrilled to be able to welcome you as Goucher's next president. Not only do we have Goucher as a connection, but I received a phone call this past weekend from Rabbi Phil Kranz regarding your connection to him as well! I think that man knows absolutely everyone! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for Goucher's next chapter.

Gloria Kantor - Class of 2004

Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations and welcome to Goucher! Very much looking forward to seeing you on campus during Alumnae/i weekend in April.

Jake Fratella - Goucher College Alum, Class of 2010 - Men's Lacrosse Team

Dr. Bowen,

If you remember, I was one of the youngest alums who attended your interview sessions a few weeks back. I really appreciated your honesty about the issues that Goucher College and liberal arts colleges in general are facing, and am excited to learn more about your vision and plan to engage and excite our unique alumnae/i base. As a local alum based in Northern Virginia, I hope to have the chance to work with you to focus on getting all alums, but especially the younger generation, involved in making Goucher an institution that will continue to thrive and grow.

Congratulations on your appointment, and we look forward to officially welcoming you this summer

Best Wishes,

Evan Marx - Class of 2011

Congratulations Dr. Bowen. I had the pleasure of singing is a choir under your leadership through my congregation, Temple Emanuel. I am an alumni of Goucher and I am thrilled that you are the next president. I remember your energy, clarity, enthusiasm, and passion as a leader and I trust that you will bring that to Goucher in the years ahead.

Sharon Mond - Class of 1977

Welcome! As a member of the class of '76 I have seen Goucher make giant steps in the name of change. It is truly an amazing place. I live in Texas and have family that graduated from the school of the arts at SMU, they loved you here and know you will do great things at and for Goucher. Good luck and God bless

Celeste Wall - Class of 1976

Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones, Sr. Bowen, y le deseo los mayores de los exitos en su gestion de mi alma mater.
Me alegra muchisimo ver a un latino en ese puesto :-)
Saludos desde Santiago de Chile,

Carmen Oria - Class of 1979

Huge congratulations to you. Goucher is a fabulous place and from what I have read about your background and experiences, you will lead the college to even better places.

Susan Hebel Watts - Class of 1975

Welcome! I graduated in 1996 and my education and time at Goucher have served me well. May your time there advance the entire Goucher community, and the surrounding community. May it be a blessing in your life as well.

Helena Santos-Collins - Class of 1996

Welcome to Goucher, Dr. Bowen. Though I chose Goucher in 1987 because it was a small liberal arts school with an amazing dance department, I majored in math and later became a middle school math teacher. My Goucher friends have remained special to me, and I look back on those four years as years of tremendous growth and absolutely incredible experiences that have made me who I am today. It is so wonderful to welcome a new president who is sure to ensure the same kind of extraordinary experience for future students of Goucher.

Karen Bloom - Class of 1991 (Karen Denise Cohen)

Dear. Dr. Bowen
Welcome to the Goucher Community! Your message to the Goucher community was so enthusiastic thatit made me want to respond. Goucher is a wonderful place and you will be delighted with the students borh past and present. I will look forward to meeting you next year when our class returns to campus to celebrate our 35th reunion. Congratulations on your appointment as Goucher's 11th President.


Paula P. Russo - Class of 1980

Welcome and congratulations from a fellow musicologist (now at Peabody).

Susan Weiss - Class of 1965

Welcome to goucher. As an alumnae I am happy and proud to have you as our new president. We have a wonderful college and I know you will continue to lead us to excellance.

Lucia Findley - Class of 1964

Welcome and congratulations, Dr. Bowen! Wishing you and your family all the best for a smooth transition to Goucher.

Denise Healy - Class of 1983

Congratulations, and welcome to Goucher!

Phaye Poliakoff-Chen - Writing Program

I'm excited to hear about you coming to Goucher. To me, the arts are key to our future, and your background means you will give them your all.

Jane Levy Troy - Class of 1956

As a longtime donor to Goucher and the creator of of the first scholarship to assist Sandy's novel of the compulsory student abroad program, I want to welcome you and look forward to continued innovation at Goucher.

Best wishes for your success!

Carol Fain Walters - Class of 1957

Thank you for your warm 'welcome' and hope your tenure is all you hope it to be for you and your family.

Susan Barton - Class of 1972

I am doubly blessed to have been at Goucher as an undergraduate as well as in Post Bacc Pre Med program. Yes, Goucher truly is a powerful and wonderful place and institution. Welcome and may it be a place of personal growth and success for you.

Lucinda Mundorf - AB Class of 1983; PBPM Class of 1991

Welcome to Goucher. Your letter emphasized that your feelings toward Goucher mirror my and other alumna feelings toward this special institution of learning! I have always been proud to tell others that this is my college and the reason I know how to think.
I am looking forward to meeting and greeting you in person!

Christine McKay King

Dear Dr. Bowen,
I was excited to read of all your accomplishments as well as your huge range of interests. When and if you are ever in South Florida, I would love to meet you. I am a second generation Goucher graduate, and Goucher holds a warm place (no pun intended) in my heart.
I wish you much success.Goucher is indeed lucky to have captured you away!

Ellie Hart - Class of 1968

So excited to hear you're on board as Goucher's president. Your bio is amazing--a Renaissance man.
I hope you'll be visiting Silicon Valley soon so we can welcome you.

God's blessings,
Jo Ann Arneson - M.Ed. Class of 1962

Dr. Bowen:

It is exciting to learn that as Goucher's be President, you bring a focus on diversity, and a strong background in Fine Arts. Your thesis "Teaching Naked" sounds fascinating. I hope you will attend Alumnae/I weekend as I would very much like to meet you.

Anni Macht Gibson - Class of 1970

Dear José, My husband, Rabbi Phil Kranz, and I enjoyed getting to know you and your mother, however briefly. We became very fond of your mom even with the short time we spent together. We hope she is well at this writing. I am a devoted alumna of Goucher and look forward to your good works on its behalf. I am laughing at this coincidence and wish you much success in the years to come.
With continuing fondness,
Nancy Kranz - A.B. Class of 1969

Welcome to Baltimore! you're going to love living here--- We have a vital and diverse community but it won't take long for you to feel that you are a part of it. I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you have planned.

Leslie Kayne - Class of 1959 and perpetual volunteer

Congratulations on your appointment. It would be nice to meet you at Alumni Weekend. I am celebrating my 50th

Isabel Strasser - Class of 1964

I wish you all the best in your new position with Goucher. Having been involved recently with a search for another university president (Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA), I know what a difficult task the search committee had, but it sounds to me that they have made the right choice. The Baltimore area is a vibrant exciting area, and Goucher on its own offers so much. I hope at some point to meet you and again all the best.

Sara Perman - Class of 1973

I'm excited by your jazz background. That asset assures me that you can adlib and are creative. I welcome that in a leader who has been given the task of nurturing a lively institution.

Marjorie Shew - Class of 1969

Welcome, Dr. Bowen! I read with great interest about your career in music and academe, but I do have a question for you. Perhaps because I am now living in Mexico, I interested in the José Antonio parts of your name. How did you come by them? What have they meant to you?

Elizabeth Katz - Class of 1961

Dear Dr. Bowen: Congratulations!!! I am a graduate of the Class of 1971, live in Baltimore, and served on the Board of Trustees from 1996 until 7/13. Unfortunately, due to my incredibly busy schedule ( I am a federal judge), I was unable to attend the meet-and-greet session on campus. However, I am very eager to meet you on an upcoming visit to the campus. In the meantime, I wish you every success as you guide the institution that I cherish. Good luck!

Best regards,

Ellen Lipton Hollander - Class of 1971; former trustee (1996-2013)

Dear Dr. Bowen -
We welcome you with eagerness and delight. While it is difficult to say good-bye to our dear President Ungar, we welcome your energy and commitment to continuing the excellent traditions of liberal arts and critical thinking at Goucher College. Having worked at Berklee College of Music until recently, (just retired) I love that you have jazz tradition in your heart and soul - it is all about coming together in partnership to bring out what is best in each one of the community. This will stand Goucher in good stead. Welcome - may your years as our president be productive, expansive, melodious, and great fun.
Best regards,

Bonnie Rosenberg - Class of 1965

Welcome, Dr. Bowen! If your experience at Goucher is as rewarding as mine was over half a century ago, you will be thoroughly satisfied. I thank Goucher and all the wonderful people who shared those four years with me, and I wish you and Goucher the very best.

Eleanor Egan - Class of 1959

Hi Dr. Bowen,

I had a chance to read your letter to the students today. While I am not a student, I do work in Residential Life and live on campus (so sometimes I feel like one?). I am eager to see what you have in store for Goucher College and excited for you to join the community. I also wanted to mention that I do have an extra cat leash if you ever change your mind about the cat walking. :)

Cheers neighbor!

Lindy Bobbitt - Staff

Welcome to Goucher College. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Shirley Gray - Graduate Alumna Class of 1998, Staff

Congratulations Dr. Bowen and welcome to Goucher! We are the parents of a current sophomore who has been very happy at Goucher for the past two years. Although we are very sad that President Ungar will be leaving, we are looking forward to having you step in with all the rich experience you are bringing. Your ideas about teaching and technology sound very innovative and exciting and we are looking forward to reading your book to learn more about them.

Good luck with your transition!

Karen Sheridan - Parent of Maia Miller graduating 2016.

Welcome to Goucher College, Dr. Bowen! May you experience the warmth of the Goucher community as much as I did during my 4 years there.

Jessica Imber - Class of 2002

We are saddened to lose you from our Meadows School of the Arts, SMU, in Dallas, but I wish you all the best Dr. Bowen! Our Meadows loss is Goucher College's HUGE gain! We wish you all the best in your new "job" at Goucher College! I know you will touch everyone's life in a positive way at Goucher College, as have made a lasting impression on me as an alumni of our great Meadows School of the Arts. Thank you, Dr. Bowen, for always encouraging ALL students! You are a true inspiration and teaching naked is simply brilliant. Good luck to you and to Mrs. Bowen!

Erika Warren - SMU, Meadows School of the Arts Alumni, Dallas, TX, Class of 2009

Dear Dr. Bowen,
Thanks for all you have done for the Meadows and SMU. We wish you well in your new career. We will miss you.

Yvonne Erwin Work - SMU Meadows Alum, Class of June 1955; member of the Meadows Museum

Dear Dr. Bowen,
I am excited for you as the incoming president of my alma mater. Your resume sounds very appropriate for Goucher and I wish you all the very best. I look forward to meeting you soon.
As a singer, I was particularly interested in your work with Jewish music. I was also interested in knowing about your background. Where you were born, etc.

Marion Stein - Alum

José Bowen brings a passion and intensity for liberal arts education. The Goucher community will be embraced by a leader who cares deeply about the values that have animated the community throughout its history. It is a wonderful moment for higher education for José Bowen to take this next step in his exciting career.

John J. DeGioia - President of Georgetown University

Dear José,

I am a 1994 graduate of the Meadows School of Art (advertising) and received your e-mail announcing your Presidency at Goucher College. Congratulations! While this is an incredible opportunity, I'm certain that the Meadows community was sad to see you go.

I moved to Baltimore with my husband and three young children two and half years ago via New Jersey (and several other states). We have loved it so far, and I'm sure you'll find it dramatically different from the big "D"! My preschool aged children have had the opportunity to take a field trip to see a few theatre productions at Goucher College, which tells me that the school is very involved in the community.

I simply wanted to write you a quick note to congratulate you, wish you well in your new position and welcome you to "Charm City"!

All the best,
Amy Waag '- SMU Meadows Alum, Class of 1994

As a parent of a first-year student at Goucher College, I was concerned and saddened when I heard that Mr. Ungar would be leaving. I was so impressed with his leadership. But now, upon hearing of your selection as the new president, my faith, confidence, and outlook for the future of Gaucher has been restored. I'm sure I join with many parents and wishing you the best of luck.

Barbara Heisler - Parent

Welcome to Goucher College. Best wishes.

Raymond Green - Assistant Director of Student Counseling Services. Health and Counseling Center

Welcome to Goucher, Dr. Bowen! It's a great place, and I look forward to hearing your ideas for making it even greater. I know that you won't miss our sweltering Dallas summers!

Melissa Hitt, Parent of Katie Hitt '17, Dallas, TX

Dr. Bowen, Welcome. We look forward to the next chapter in Goucher's remarkable history.

Sylvia Hesson - Staff

Dear Dr. Bowen,
Just a quick note to welcome you to our community, and I look forward to the opportunity of showing you the great progress that we have made in terms of sustainability initiatives on campus.


Germán Mora - Jane and Robert Meyerhoff Associate Professor and Director, Environmental Studies Program

Dr. Bowen--I was so excited to hear of your appointment! Good luck and congratulations on being named to the helm of such a wonderful school. As an alumna and former employee (Communications Office) I am aware of the gifts of talent, commitment, and vision present within the community. Enjoy your time...And take care of our precious Goucher!

Cami Colarossi - Alumna 1988; Former Associate Director of Communications (1993-1997)

Hi Dr. Bowen! I am SO excited for you to join our amazing Goucher community! I am graduating in the spring, but will keep an eye out for all the things I know you will accomplish throughout your time as a Gopher!

Be sure to take your dogs for a walk on our beautiful cross country trails!

Christine Cherry - Student, Class of 2014

Congratulations on your appointment. I will look forward to working with you through out your tenure at Goucher. I love working with my colleagues and students in GPE and place my full confidence in your ability to continue to guide us all into the future.

Patricia L. Abrahms - Adjunct Faculty. GPE, Alum '06

Professor José Bowen was an undergraduate advisee of mine at Stanford, and we have been in regular contact since 1986. His deep interest in music and the arts, as well as teaching, has developed into a remarkable career in which his leadership has become nationally recognized. His Deanship at SMU and his outstanding book called "Teaching Naked" make him outstandingly qualified to lead a first-class college of the liberal arts. Goucher and José are a natural match

Donald Kennedy - President Emeritus and Bing Professor of Environmental Science, Stanford University

Dear Dean Bowen: As a Golden Mustang who graduated with a B.A. in Art in 1953, I want to thank you for all the wonderful work you have done for SMU. And wish you every success in your future career at Goucher.

Best to you all ways,

Jane Gillespie Cross Ph.D. (UTD 2001) - SMU Alum, Class of 1953

Congratulations!!! You have made the Meadows school a national model for creating a true arts work force with your vision and drive. Goucher is lucky to have you!

Alecia Lawyer, Alum 1990 SMU

Congratulations! We're looking forward to you and your family coming to Goucher. You will love it here!

Robbie Blinkoff - The Pocket Anthropologist

Dear Dr. Bowen-
Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to Goucher! This is a moment of accomplishment you should savor every minute of. You are joining a remarkable college with a rich history and bright future. As you get started, please don't hesitate to engage alumnae and alumni as you lead Goucher into a new era of excellence.

Alex Wood - Class of 2006

Dr. Bowen - Welcome to Baltimore! I thought it was only fitting that one of your first 'welcomes' to the city should come from an SMU Meadows grad (class of 1989) who is also a Baltimore transplant. I have lived in Baltimore for nearly 4 years now with my family after I accepted a position with the University of Maryland Medical System as their SVP of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs.

Baltimore is a wonderful and welcoming city and Goucher College is a big part of that community. Feel free to reach out if there is anything I can do to help you get settled.

Mary Lynn Carver - SMU Meadows class of 1989

Congratulations. I am so looking forward to meeting you and working with you. Once again, Goucher College is extremely lucky!

Nancy Brandt Gertner - Class of 1972, Chair, Hillel Board of Directors

Welcome! We in the English department are excited about your leadership and are looking forward to working with you.

Juliette Wells, PhD - Associate Professor of English

Welcome to Goucher College and congratulations! We are excited that you will be joining us and look forward to working with you. And a warm welcome to Kimberly, Naomi, Chloe, Molly, Daisy, and Latte.

Barbara Stob - Assistant General Counsel


Welcome to the Goucher Community- Goucher for life as the expression goes. I do look forward to meeting you in person. If you happen to travel through NYC and have some time to say hello do let me know.

Miriam Katowitz - Alum, Class of 1973 and Trustee

Hi Dr. Bowen! I can't wait to meet you. I am currently abroad but I know Goucher has made a great choice. I look forward to meeting you and welcome to our school! I hope you find it as delightful as I do!

Janea Mark - Student, Class of 2015

¡Felicitaciones! & ¡Bienvenido! Look forward to this new adventure

Florencia Cortes-Conde - Hispanic Language, Literatures and Cultures, Chair

May the fires of our collective inquiry and improvisation, fueled by deep knowledge and practice, lead us to the realization of Goucher's promise as a locus, connector, and incubator for cultural sustainability, vibrancy and thriving! I wish you energy, discernment and faith in this transition, and look forward to the jam.

Rory Turner - Faculty

Congratualtions! We look forward to meeting you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are at your service.

Buena suerte y salud

Tom Brown - General Manager Bon Appetit Management Company Goucher College


Welcome to Goucher! I am so pleased that you and Kimberly (and pets) will soon be part of our college family, and I look forward to working with you and other trustees in the months and years ahead.

Best wishes,
Marilyn Warshawsky - Trustee and Alumna Class of 1968

Welcome to Goucher! Looking forward to working together to make Goucher even better.

Annalisa Czeczulin - Modern Languages Faculty

Greetings Dr. Bowen:

Congratulations and welcome to Goucher! I wish you success and I know you will love it here.

Mary Tandia - Staff, student life division

Dr. Bowen - Congratulations! We are the parents of Lillian Clark who will be a Freshman entering Fall '14. Lilly is currently on a gap year and spent her Fall in East Africa and now is in So. America doing service work (and hoping to become fluent in Spanish). She will be excited that you will have 3 dogs living on campus as she will be missing our 2 yellow labs when she comes to Goucher next Fall. Good luck in your transition! We're excited about the "Naked" approach you will be introducting to Goucher faculty and students.

Lisa and Jay Clark - Goucher Parents

Congratulations, Dr. Bowen! And welcome. If there's anything I can do to help with your transition, please do get in touch.

Kathy Flann - Faculty (Creative Writing)

Dr. Bowen,

I was profoundly impressed and inspired by your professional accomplishments, astuteness, vision, and dynamism. Goucher is fortunate to have you leading the next phase of it's development.

Nyasha Grayman-Simpson - Psychology Faculty

Hello Mr. President,
Just wanted to say Congratulations! on your new position at Goucher. I am very excited for your vision for Goucher. Hope to meet your soon.

P.S. I work at Towson Vet Hospital if you ever need someone to pet sit...

Morgan Betancourt - Student

The excitement, energy, and enthusiasm in the Office of Communications regarding your selection are contagious. I welcome you, your lovely wife, and your adorable animals to Goucher.

Carol Crouse - Staff - Admin. Assist. Office of Communications

Dr. Bowen,

I can already tell you're a man of big ideas, and you'll surely keep us all on our toes – in good ways, of course. Welcome to Baltimore, and welcome to our Goucher family.

Kristen Pinheiro - Director of Media Relations, M.Ed. '13

Welcome to the Goucher community!

I'm looking forward to stimulating conversations about our future and the opportunity to think "outside of the box" with you and my Goucher colleagues.

Emily Perl - Assistant Vice President for Student Life

José Bowen has been a tremendous asset to Southern Methodist University and the Dallas community. On behalf of the city, we will miss all that he has done to support higher education and the arts, but we know Goucher College will benefit tremendously from his leadership, dedication and creative spirit.

Mike Rawlings - Mayor of Dallas, TX

Welcome to Goucher Dr. Bowen! Goucher is a pretty amazing place and I am so glad you are joining. Cheers.

Hannah Soundworth - Class of 2011

WELCOME to the Goucher Community.

Linda Himmelberger - Senior Alumna Trustee, Class of 1974 (Chemistry Major)

Dear Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations on your appointment as Goucher's next president! I am excited about your musical background, but I also look forward to your leadership regarding future opportunities and innovations for our liberal arts curriculum and campus community. Welcome to Baltimore!

Elisa Koehler - Associate Professor and Chair, Goucher College Music Department

Dr. Bowen,
I am a member of Temple Emanu-El and have enjoyed your Jazz Shabbats for years! Dallas is certainly losing a valued member of our community, but I am very excited that you will be President of my Alma Mater (well, almost--I married at the end of my sophomore year and moved to Chicago where I graduated from Northwestern, but I have supported only Goucher through the years). I hope members of the Dallas Goucher community will have a chance to meet with you prior to your leaving SMU. My two years there were amazing and set me on the right course for my professional life. It is an absolutely marvelous college! By the way, it was Temple's Rabbi David Lefkowitz's grandaughter, Emily Lefkowitz Hexter, who encouraged me to consider Goucher College. Her mother was an alum also. And it was Judge Sarah T. Hughes who interviewed me on the alum side before I traveled to Towson for the formal interview! And of course, Margot Perot is an active alum. So there have been interesting Dallas connections to Goucher. Looks like you will have a large group of Texans supporting your new endeavor! I wish you every success.

May Sebel - Alum, ex 1958

Welcome to Goucher --- looking forward to working with you. (Sunshine is really my last name!)

Phyllis Sunshine - Director, Graduate Programs in Education

Dr. Bowen,

Bienvenidos a Goucher! You join an exclusive, and impressive club - one where you are now only the 11th member in almost 130 years.

As you get to know our Gopher family, you'll be welcomed warmly across the country (and globe) and back again. Know that we are thrilled to have you, proud to once again steal great talent from SMU!

Test all things; hold fast what is good.

Jeremy Kraut-Ordover - Class of 2001

Welcome Dr. Bowen!
I made Goucher College my home just 13 months ago and felt welcomed immediately. I hope that you and your family will feel as accepted as my family and I have. Goucher College is an institution to be proud of and the potential it holds for the members of its community is endless.

Pamela Flinton - Associate Librarian for Research & User Services, Library staff

Clearly the search committee has done an outstanding job. Dr. Bowen, your CV, your personal and professional accomplishments, are almost unbelievable. Beyond impressive. Had I not seen your photos I'd have thought you were thousands of years old. Goucher College is lucky to have you as their leader, especially now. Welcome to you and your family. Thank you for your commitment in advance. My very best wishes to you and yours. Hope to meet you one day soon.

Lauren Esakoff - Class of 1982

¡Bienvenido a Goucher College, Dr. José Antonio Bowen! Es un lugar maravilloso para trabajar. I look forward to working with you and to introduce you to the Greater Baltimore Latino community members who come to our beautiful campus every Saturday to learn computing skills and English as a Second Language from our students. You will be VERY proud of our Goucher students!

Futuro Latino Learning Center:

Frances Ramos-Fontán - Director, Futuro Latino Learning Center @ Goucher & Instructor, Department of Hispanic Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Welcome to Goucher -- I'm delighted at the good news!

Nancy Magnuson - College Librarian

Dear Dr. Bowen, Congrats on your new job! I am very happy to hear that you will be joining the Goucher community.

Shirley Peroutka - Faculty

Welcome! Enjoyed meeting you at lunch on your jam-packed visit. Now look forward to the excitement you're already bringing to Goucher. That's just what Sandy did, so you're definitely following Goucher tradition. Does your future son-in-law mind that you'll be in Ravens-land?

Elaine Freeman - Trustee and Alum

A jazz pianist as president. How cool is that! Welcome to Baltimore, from your friends at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

John Rivera - Director of University Communications, Notre Dame of Maryland University

Congratulations on being named Goucher's 11th president. It is exciting to have a musician. I look forward to meeting you and your wife.

I am a volunteer at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and would be delighted to give you a tour of the zoo, located in Druid Hill Park.

Barbara Pilert - Class of 1972

Looking forward to welcoming you to campus as president -- and jazz scholar! But come on, only nine seconds of Coleman Hawkins on your online reference to "Body and Soul"? :) Congratulations and all the best.

Jim Sheehan - Staff

I predict an increased love of snow, birds of an orioles and ravens nature, and very possibly crabs (but if you have an allergy or moral opposition, we'll forgive you). Oh, and a fantastic tenure as president.

Welcome, and I hope the transition goes smoothly. Packing is the worst, but just think of how fantastic your new lawn is!

Angie Cochrun - Staff

Congratulations Dr. Bowen on becoming Goucher's 11th president. I look forward to meeting and working with you in the coming weeks/months.

Jamie Winter - Staff, Van Meter Faculty Secretary and Office Manager

Goucher, stand by - your world is about to change! Although we are excited for Dean Bowen to start his next chapter as president of Goucher, he will be sorely missed here at SMU Meadows School of the Arts, where he spent a spectacular eight years. Wishing all the best to José Bowen and Goucher.

Mary Guthrie - SMU Meadows School of the Arts staff member

Dr. Bowen, muchas felicidades y bienvenido a Maryland. Goucher es magnifico, ya veras!

Janet Dudley-Eshbach, Ph.D. - Salisbury University (President) and former faculty member at Goucher College

Dear Dr. Bowen,

We are very excited that you've selected Goucher College as your next home and look forward to the new energy you will bring.

The future looks bright.

Best wishes,

Janine L. Bowen, PhD - Associate Professor and Chair Business Management Department

Greetings Dr. Bowen! I look forward to having you and your family join our community.

Linda Fowler - Staff, Admissions

As the parent of both a current Goucher student and a recent graduate (and soon-to-be parent-in-law to another), I am excited to have you join the Goucher community. Congratulations and best wishes for an exciting and mutually beneficial journey for all!

Bruce Biskin - Goucher Parent

Congratulations Dr. Bowen! Your Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Cookies were a hit in the Admissions Office! Welcome to Goucher!!

Anne Des Marais - Staff

Hello José: Your acceptance of the Goucher presidency is absolutely thrilling. Thank you, congrats, I am so excited, it's fantabulous news. I appreciated hearing your invigorating remarks at the meeting with staff when you were on campus, and I enjoyed, thoroughly enjoyed learning more online about your Teaching Naked initiatives and your work with blended learning. I eagerly await your arrival on campus. May you and your family have good travels, and may I welcome you to Maryland! I've been a resident for 39 years and I can tell you wholly objectively: it's the best state in the nation. :-)

Linda Bruce - Director of Distance Learning, Welch Center for Graduate and Professional Programs

Excited to see what you bring to Goucher! I really enjoyed hearing you talk about your vision for the future of the college.

I'm graduating this May but I hope to stay involved in the community.

All the best.

Lenna Blaser - Student, Class of 2014

We are so excited to have you as our President. I am no longer a student at Goucher, but with my mother on faculty and living in the Baltimore area I'm sure I will be at Goucher occasionally. Thanks for considering our school and we are looking forward to our next chapter of Goucher with you. Welcome!

Bella Barone - Class of 2013

Dear Dr. Bowen,

As an SMU Meadows alumna ('11) and current art history PhD student at Johns Hopkins, I am thrilled to learn that you will be bringing your innovative thinking and infectious enthusiasm to the Baltimore area! Enjoy your time at Goucher; they are lucky to have you!

Rebecca Quinn Teresi - SMU Alumna, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins U.

Dear Dr. Bowen,

Congratulations on your appointment to the presidency of Goucher College. I am a Goucher alumna who worked for many years in the development office of Georgetown University. I was there when you were teaching at Georgetown, and heard wonderful things about you. I also sing in a temple choir, and have sung some of your Jazz Shabbat prayers. I am thrilled to hear that you will be the next president of my alma mater.

Roslyn Lang - Class of 1964

Dr. Bowen,

Welcome to Goucher College! I hope your tenure is both successful, long and dedicated to advancing Goucher into a bright future full of academic, diverse, and social advancements. Goucher Gopher for life!

Dawn Rogers - Class of 1988 & 2000

As a member of the Delta class (1989), the lost generation, I send you a warm welcome. I look forward to meeting you and am delighted to see that you have a background in both science and the humanities. During my time at Goucher, I was struck by the number of science-art history, science-dance, science-music students I met and one of Goucher's most important strengths has always been shaping well rounded, liberal thinkers. Sandy has done amazing things and your selection suggests that technology and the humanities will continue to grow and thrive at Goucher. Bravo.

Enjoy the beautiful campus and welcome back to the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

Cynthia Earman - Class of 1989

Congratulations! May you succeed grandly as the leader of Goucher College.

Dale Gomez - Alumni

Huzzah! Welcome to Goucher.

Beth Chernichowski - Staff

Welcome to Goucher. I look forward to working with you.

Gaye Brown - Director, Master of Education Program

Welcome Dr. Bowen!

It is great that the board already holds you in high regard. Goucher is a great place and I'm interested to see in which direction you will take the institution and all of the wonderful new aspects you will add to an 'education without boundaries.'


Alaphia Sandy - Class of 2013

I just heard you speak at the CSU Symposium on Teaching last Saturday (3/8/14) and was so impressed with your teaching philosophy and vision for higher education. Your enthusiasm will energize the campus and anticipate your leadership bringing new opportunities not only for students but for the entire Goucher community. Congratulations!

Laura Makey - Class of 1986

Congratulations! I'm delighted that you're taking the helm at Goucher. I hope you will always keep in mind Goucher's 100 years of educating strong and accomplished women as a primary part of its identity. I had the good fortune to transfer to Goucher in 1989 and experienced the unexpected benefits of being at an almost-entirely female institution. I am proud that Goucher remains a vibrant and inspiring college and I credit much of my success, both personal and professional, to my experience there. May you enjoy your time and fall in love with this special institution, just like I did.

Caroline Crawford - Class of 1991