2009 Session of the Maryland General Assembly

The 2009 Session of the Maryland General Assembly ended on Monday, April 13 at midnight.

Below is a summary of the major issues impacting Goucher College:

Operating Budget

  • The FY 2010 operating budget includes $52.2 million for the Sellinger Program, which reflects a 3.4 percent increase above the Governor’s allowance.
  • The conference committee also elected to increase funding for the program over the next four years at a pace faster than that proposed by the Governor.
  • The FY 2010 budget includes $104.7 million for student financial aid, which is consistent with the Governor’s allowance.
  • Language was adopted which requires the Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA) to report institutional financial aid for all Maryland residents.
  • Language was included in the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act to make the Higher Education Investment Fund (HEIF) permanent.  This benefits independent colleges and universities because funds appropriated for operating costs at certain public universities are used to calculate Sellinger aid.

Capital Budget

  • The FY 2010 state capital budget includes $9 million for three MICUA member institutions – a $1 million increase over the Governor's allowance. ($3 million for Baltimore International College; $3.5 million for the College of Notre Dame of Maryland; and $2.5 million for Capitol College.)  Goucher College will be in line for a state capital grant in the coming fiscal year (2011).


Below are a few bills that impact independent colleges:

  • House Bill 85/Senate Bill 183 attempts to lower the costs of textbooks. The bill is effective as of July 1, 2009.
  • House Bill 200 passed as emergency legislation and was signed into law by Governor O’Malley. The bill will allow colleges and universities to prudently manage endowments funds.
  • House Bill 310/ Senate Bill 270 gives part-time workers eligibility for unemployment benefits.
  • House Bill 710/Senate Bill 802 authorizes eligible institutions of higher education to determine eligibility for and award Edward T. Conroy Memorial Scholarships.
  • House Bill 1192/Senate Bill 556 requires entities to report on how state aid is being utilized, the number of jobs created, and how the aid benefits the citizens of Maryland. At MICUA’s request, the bill was amended to allow MICUA to report to the Department of Budget and Management using existing reports.