20x20: Goucher College's Climate Action Plan

This year's environmental sustainability theme focuses on Goucher's mission to reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020. This effort has already been outlined in Goucher's Climate Action Plan, a comprehensive institutional strategy that incorporates promoting alternative transportation and recycling, raising awareness about environmental responsibility, updating buildings and making energy use more efficient, and working with food service provider Bon Appétit to provide sustainable meal options. The Climate Action Plan is required by the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, which Goucher President Sanford J. Ungar signed in the summer of 2007.

Faculty who wish to integrate aspects of this theme into fall and spring semester courses are encouraged to do so. Whether professors choose to investigate the chemical nature of air quality; create art, writing, and poetry about conservation; examine the science behind fossil fuels; or analyze how social and political institutions mediate agricultural quality and availability-all are invited to participate in this collective reflection, though participation is entirely voluntary.

There are also many easy and important ways to integrate environmentalism into co-curricular activities, such as by linking the 20x20 theme to some of the various outside speakers who come to campus, through student-sponsored club events, and in partnership with Bon Appétit. 

If you have questions or ideas for activities (speakers, fieldtrips, etc.) that are related to this academic year's sustainability theme, please send an e-mail to GESAC at green@goucher.edu