Goucher Information Technology (IT) has made a commitment to share in the college's campaign for environmental sustainability. The office has implemented the following initiatives to make computer technology use less damaging to the environment:

Reduced Paper Use
Goucher's Print Wisely Program allots each student 1,200 pages of printing per year. In one year, students already have saved more than 300,000 pages.

Saving Power
Goucher IT urges everyone on campus to unplug power chargers that are not in use. Shut down computers and monitors over the weekend if they are not being used. And instead of leaving electronics on "standby," turn them off.

Toner Cartridge Recycling
Printing issues go beyond paper. All the pages printed on campus use toner, whether the printer is a laserjet or inkjet. Goucher IT participates in Cartridges for a Cure, a program that recycles both types of toner cartridges. Look for recycle sites in the CTLT and the Dorsey Center. Additionally, all toner cartridges used in public networked printers are recycled by the manufacturers.

When Goucher upgrades its electronics, an eCycler buys back the old equipment and refurbishes it or disposed of it in an environmentally responsible manner.

Use the Environmental Sustainability Suggestion Form

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