Water, Water, Everywhere? 

The sustainability theme for the college in the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 academic years was "Water, Water Everywhere?" 

Given the continued impact of this issue in our communities - both in the United States and abroad - through the two years, GESAC asked the Goucher College community to reflect on the multiple ways we understand our connection to water and explore the question "Water, Water Everywhere?"

Faculty who wished to integrate aspects of the theme into fall and spring semester courses were encouraged to do so. Whether choosing to investigate the chemical nature of water pollution; create art, writing, and poetry about rivers; examine the science behind rising sea levels; analyze how social and political institutions mediate water quality and availability; or explore water as a metaphor in the visual arts and landscape design-all were inviteded to participate in the collective reflection of the integral role water plays in our societies, in the maintenance of human life, and in the health of the biosphere.

Co-curricular ways of integrating this environmental theme played out in a variety of ways, too- linking the theme to some of the various outside speakers we brought to campus; through student-sponsored club events, like Clean Stream; and in partnership with Bon Appetit.

Information and resources for thinking about water and ideas for curricular and co-curricular activities are listed below. If you have questions or ideas for activities (invited speakers, field trips, etc.) related to the upcoming academic year's sustainability theme, please send an e-mail to GESAC at green@goucher.edu.


·     Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Healthy Water Site
·     Chesapeake Bay Foundation
·     Blue August
·     Environmental Protection Agency's Water Education Site
·     Environmental Defense Fund
·     Food & Water Watch
·     National Geographic Magazine's Water Issue
·     Oceana: Protecting the World's Oceans
·     United Nations Water
·     Water Advocates