Faculty/Staff Mat Class Discount

All employees of Goucher are eligible to buy one mat class per week, get the second one free. For more information on our group classes, click here. Please e-mail PilatesCenter@goucher.edu to sign up.

Free Pilates for Goucher Students


(FORMERLY DAN 008) (1.5 credits and fulfills the PE requirement)
The study and application of the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, posing questions for anatomical self-evaluation based on lecture/discussion, required readings, observation, and applied                    instruction. Special attention will be given to a series of movements performed on five major pieces of apparatus.  One weekly mat class is a requirement of this course.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
Fall semester, repeated spring semester. Ahearn, Mulreaney.


Mat Classes

During the fall and spring semesters, Goucher students will be permitted to register with the Pilates Center for one free weekly Pilates mat class per semester

Students must register before the Pilates Center mat class registration deadline, as posted on our brochures and website, or risk not having a spot because the class is cancelled or full. Mat class priority is given to students who are taking the academic Pilates apparatus class (DAN 102) and registered members of the public.  Students not enrolled in DAN 102 may be asked to change classes based on the number of members of the public and academic Pilates students who enroll in the mat class. 

Free mat classes for students are a privilege that can be revoked based on poor class attendance, lateness, or the instructor's discretion.  Each mat class is a weekly commitment, and make-up classes are expected to be completed in another class of your level or below for any missed classes by the end of the semester. 

Students new to Pilates must register for a level 1 mat class, or receive permission from the instructor to advance to another level.  Click here for more information and a full list of classes.


Private Instruction

Private lessons offer an opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor and to utilize all of Joseph Pilates' unique apparatus.  Private lessons are designed specifically for each individual, based on his/her strengths, weaknesses, injury history, and fitness goals.

We offer 30 minute or 55 minute private lessons, which are by appointment only. Typically a $62 value, Goucher students have the unique opportunity to take private lessons for free!


Please email PilatesCenter@goucher.edu for more information or to sign up for mat classes and/or private instruction.

Health form

Students new to the Pilates Center must complete a health form before their first class. Forms are available in the Pilates studios or by emailing the Pilates Center.