Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn

Founding Director and Certified Instructor
Extension: (410) 337-6399
E-mail: elizabeth.ahearn@goucher.edu

Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn dancer, choreographer, dance educator, Romana's Pilates Level 5 and Pilates Guild® Certified Instructor is Chair of the Dance Department at Goucher College, Director of The Pilates Center at Goucher College and on faculty at Carver Center for Arts and Technology. She also serves as a permanent guest faculty member at Virginia School of the Arts and recently served as a guest artist at the University of Central Oklahoma. Elizabeth received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, under the direction of Larry Rhodes. Originally from Oklahoma, she received her early training from Yvonne Chouteau, Joy Feldman, Conrad Ludlow, Edward Villella, and Bojan Spassoff. She continued her studies in New York with Bettijane Sills, Sarah Stackhouse, Rachel List, Larry Clark, Valmai Stretton, Linda Tarnay, Gus Solomons Jr., Milton Myers, and Rosanna Seravalli. Elizabeth has performed with the METROPOLITAN BALLET COMPANY, BALLET OKLAHOMA, THE SECOND AVENUE DANCE COMPANY in New York City, KINETICS DANCE THEATRE, SURGE DANCE COMPANY OF BALTIMORE and THE ORDINARY/EXTRAORDINARY DANCE THEATRE. Her repertory has included experimental, contemporary, and classical works by choreographers such as Mark Morris, Agnes de Mille, Conrad Ludlow, Robert Gladstein, Daniel Levans, Mel Wong, Arnie Zane, and Bill T. Jones and has allowed her to perform both in the United States and abroad. Her choreography has been presented on both the East and West Coasts, including Washington, District of Columbia, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, and New Jersey, as well as Canada. Most recently, she performed in the Eleanor King Centennial Concert, a culmination of two years of research and rehearsal of the late Eleanor King's work. Prior to her move to Baltimore, Elizabeth was an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 1995 she completed her teacher certification in Authentic Pilates® under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santo and The Pilates Studio® in New York City. She was the first certified instructor to teach in the state of Maryland and soon therafter, in 1996, she founded the Pilates Center at Goucher College. In 2004 she received her Level 5 IITP Pilates Teacher Certification from Romana's Pilates. Elizabeth also serves as an ACE certified professional by the American Council on Exercise and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and the Pilates Coalition. She currently teaches composition, ballet, Authentic Pilates® Method of Body Conditioning and modern dance at Goucher College.

Susan Hankinson
Certified Instructor
Extension: (410) 337-6531 extension 7
E-mail: susan.hankinson@goucher.edu

Susan pursued a very serious, very intense ballet school training under the tutelage of Yvonne Chouteau and Miguel Terekhov in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from the age of 8 thru 18.  After the end of her final high school semester, her father took her up to NYC to pursue her ballet studies with Maggie Black.
She returned to Oklahoma City in 1975 to join Ballet Oklahoma and work as a company member and faculty teacher for the School of Ballet Oklahoma until December of 1980. 

While living in Dallas, Texas Susan began taking weekly Pilates lessons with Colleen Glenn. She was inspired by The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, she decided to pursue Pilates training as a career path.
Susan always wanted to learn from the person who learned from Joseph Pilates himself.  Her dream was fulfilled when she was accepted as an independent study at Drago's Gym in NYC in 2001.  On September 1, 2001, she started her third career path with Romana Kryzanowska.  On 9/11, she was in the studio with Romana. Susan and Romana had a common bond of friendship...Yvonne Chouteau was Romana's best friend as a very young ballerina.  Yvonne was also a pupil of Joseph Pilates himself.
Susan was certified by The Pilates Studio of NY/Authentic Pilates in March, 2002.  She has been teaching in different studios in Dallas, Texas, up until her recent relocation to Towson, Maryland.

Stephanie Lawson
Certified Instructor
Extension: (410) 337-6531 extension 6
E-mail: stephanie.lawson@goucher.edu

Originally from Vermont, Stephanie Lawson has always enjoyed dancing, biking, hiking, and any outdoor activity. She came to Goucher College to learn more about dance and discovered her joy in learning about the body and its capabilities. Stephanie graduated in May 2006 with a B.A. in Biology and a concentraton in Dance Science. Stephanie completed the Romana's Pilates teacher certifiation program studying under Sari Mejia Santo and Daria Pace. She continues to dance and is extemely grateful for the knowledge she acquires everyday working with the wonderful clients and staff at Goucher College.

Michelle Mulreaney
Current Director and Certified Instructor
Extension: (410) 337-6531 extension 3
E-mail: ashley.mulreaney@goucher.edu

Michelle Mulreaney has 3 major loves- Pilates, Dance and the French language. Throughout her college career, she was lucky enough to study all three. She began her college career at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY. After two years, she returned home to Towson, MD to attend Goucher College. She has enjoyed dancing in the works of Gloria McLean, Lance Westergard, Larry Keigwin, Juliet Forrest, and Tiffany Mills. It was her love of dance that lead her to the Pilates Method, and it was at Goucher where she was first introduced to the Romana's Pilates technique. After graduating from Goucher in 2007, she decided to move to Aix-en-Provence, France and begin her Pilates training while fine-tuning her French skills. While in France she worked directly with Sonia Hererria, but also with Philippe Taupin in Paris. Then, in October of 2008 she finished up her training at the Romana's headquarters in NYC. After 700 hours of training, Michelle received her Level 5 IITP Pilates Teacher Certification from Romana's Pilates in January 2009. She belives that her training is unique and rich because of the wide spectrum of instructors and trainers she has worked with; each teacher provides a special insight into the technique and that is what she focuses on as a teacher. Michelle is currently teaching back at home, Goucher College, with a great team of instructors.

Michelle was named Director of The Pilates Center October 1st, 2012.

Barbara Palmer
Certified Instructor
Extension: (410) 337-6531 extension 5
E-mail: barbara.palmer@goucher.edu

Barbara Palmer started studying the Pilates Method under the guidance of Elizabeth Ahearn in 1996. With Elizabeth’s encouragement she decided on a career change and entered the Authentic Pilates teacher certification program in 2002, where she apprenticed under Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo. She earned her certification in 2003 from the Pilates Studio of New York. In 2004 she received her Level 5 ITTP teaching status from Romana’s Pilates. She has been teaching Pilates at Goucher College since 2003.

Amanda Pugh
Certified Instructor
Extension: (410) 337-6531 extension 2
E-mail: amanda.pugh@goucher.edu

Amanda Pugh, born in Baltimore, Maryland, began her Pilates training in 1999 with Laura Ward-Moran, to supplement her dance technique classes at Harford Dance Theatre.  Ms. Pugh continued her Pilates and dance training at Goucher College, where she earned a BA in Dance in 2008.  She became interested in Pilates teacher certification in her junior year, to help dancers improve their performance through Pilates.  Ms. Pugh completed her teacher certification with Romana's Pilates in New York, a highly-respected teacher training school that dedicates itself to preserving the traditional teachings of Mr. Joseph Pilates.  In New York, Ms. Pugh studied as an apprentice for over 600 hours, under the tutelage of master instructors  Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia-Santos, Daria Pace, Jerome Weinberg, Pam Pardi, Cynthia Shipley, and other Romana’s IITP instructor trainers.  Ms. Pugh began teaching at the Pilates Center at Goucher College in 2007, and continues to teach private lessons and group classes full-time.  She also helps with administrative work, and teaches master classes, lectures, and Pilates demonstrations at high schools and dance studios.  Besides teaching, Ms. Pugh studies Arts Administration in the graduate program at Goucher College, and will complete a masters degree in 2014.  Her awards and academic merits include the Rosenberg Scholarship in Dance, Friends of Goucher Dance Award, Global Citizen Scholarship, Dean’s List, Magna Cum Laude, and Phi Beta Kappa.

 Lizzy Purcell 
Certified Instructor
Extension: (410) 337-6531 extension 4
E-mail: lizzy.purcell@goucher.edu

Lizzy Purcell began studying Pilates as a high school senior in her hometown of Apex, North Carolina.  She continued training in Pilates at Goucher College to supplement her rigorous schedule of dance classes and rehearsals.   As a dance major, Lizzy had the pleasure of working with many talented guest artists, Goucher faculty, fellow students, and European artists while studying abroad at Accademia dell'Arte in Arezzo, Italy.  After she graduated in 2012 with her B.A. in Dance, she moved to Philadelphia to pursue dance teaching and performing opportunities.  Missing her weekly Pilates classes, she decided to delve deeper into her practice and work towards her Pilates certification through the Romana's Pilates Independent Instructor Training Program.  During her time in the program, she studied under Brie Adina Neff of Equilibrium Pilates in Philadelphia and Sari Mejia Santo, Jerome Weinberg, and Cynthia Shipley of True Pilates NY in New York City.  She completed her certification in March 2014 with over 700 hours of training and is excited to join the team at the Goucher Pilates Center.  Lizzy loves sharing her passion for Pilates and helping her clients improve their bodies, minds, and quality of life through this unique exercise system.